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50x2 T6 Mast Sections - Limited Stock in Perth

Created by AUS84 > 9 months ago, 24 Apr 2023
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24 Apr 2023 11:05AM
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Hi All,
As most of you know the supplies of 50mm Thin wall T6 dried up some years ago. Fortunately we now have a local supplier of tube in Perth.

Current stock lengths are 50x2x4800mm which will suffice for all but the class 5s, there may be an opportunity for longer lengths during the next run pending interest and discussions with the supplier.

for anyone interested, get in touch with Brett @Windrush Yachts in O'Connor, (08) 93141317

He has offered to put up to 40 lengths aside for the Landyacht crew, these are $175/length and has agreed to keep this price locked until his next mill run in 18 months or so. I have been using one of the new sections on my Club88 and am suitable impressed. Bend wise the bare tube is slightly stiffer than my old mast which had 3 stiffeners. I'll get around to plotting the difference between them when I get a chance.



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"50x2 T6 Mast Sections - Limited Stock in Perth" started by AUS84