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Land Yacht Class 5 & Mini Yacht Specs

Created by Gizmo > 9 months ago, 27 Jan 2009
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27 Jan 2009 9:25AM
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This thread is here so newcomers to the sport can hopefully have a starting point for the design specs for 2 popular groups of Land Yacht classes.

For pictures of the some of the yachts in these classes

Class 5....
FISLY is the International governing body for land sailing. Then click on classes.....
There are 2 versions of this size yacht... "Class5" and "Class5 Promo" The Promo class is a slightly simplified version.

Plans for the "Pacific Magic"

Mini Class....
The reason for Mini Class is the perfect introduction to land sailing, where as Class 5 is regarded as the "International Race Class”
Mini Yachts are a class to encourage newcomers to the sport and ideal for women and children.
The yacht that is simple to build with no restrictions on construction materials or methods,
looks good and can be sailed in shopping centre car parks with lots of public exposure which in turn feeds the Class 5 with competitive sailors.

The FISLY definition of a "Mini Yacht" is.....

Any fully assembled sand yacht whose wheel footprint fits inside a loop of rope 5.6m long,
with a maximum wheel size of 4.00 x 8,(wheelbarrow style), a tubular / circular mast and no wing sections is regarded as a mini yacht

Lake Lefroy Mini.... (An Australian designed yacht that fits the Mini class specs)
RULE 2. Yacht must have an effective seat belt which must be worn correctly when sailing.
The following are recommendations only.
**Yacht should have a brake.

Here is the link to " How to build a Lake Lefroy Mini " a very good example of a Mini class yacht.


"Blokarts" also fit into the Mini class but be mindful that blokarts have various divisions for one design racing.

Please note: Often there might be slight differences in regard to rules and yacht design due to the areas to be sailed on,
Do a posting on seabreeze, or contact your national / local groups to assist.

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13 Apr 2011 8:56PM
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There has been some refinements in with the Mini Class rules ............. and some yet to be approved.

These are the rules as voted on the GA of 14.10.2010 :

A Mini-yacht is :
- any assembled land or sand yacht that fits inside a continuous loop of rope 5,6 meter long.
- the wheel size is maximum 400 x 8
- the mast must be a circular tube; no wing section

Here is the proposal for refining to be voted on the next GA in September 2011 :

There is a proposal for adjustment of Mini-Yacht specifications on the measurement with the rope of 5,6 m.
'The rope must lie on the ground. The touching part of the tyres on the ground must fit inside the rope '

This adjustment will be proposed to vote on the GA at Hoylake in September 2011. Meanwhile it is recommended to respect it as a guideline.

Other proposal formulated in the meeting of 22.01.2011:
' wheel size is maximum 400x8' is to be changed to 'the tyre size'.

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13 Apr 2011 8:57PM
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As it will get too long with repeated questions.
Please post all questions onto a separate thread.

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