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Created by Windylandsailor 4 months ago, 29 Oct 2023
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29 Oct 2023 7:48PM
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Can anyone give guidance for tracking landyacht wheels Class5 Promo for instance.
do you set them to neutral or toe in toe out how can the result be verified tyre tracks in the sand or just on the way the yacht roles. Is the setting by eye or measured by a tape measure from the centre of the yacht.

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1 Nov 2023 2:31PM
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I had a mini yacht running 20" bicycle wheels that had the ability to adjust toe in - toe out.
I found that neutral was the best way to go.

With Class 5 several of us have played with the amount of 'lean' on the rear wheels, we tested the yacht resistance with it loaded up with weight (approx that of the pilot) and pulled it along a 'constant surface' and measured the resistance with a small hand held fishing scale.
As you would imagine that vertical up / down wheels had the least resistance, as the angle was increased so did the resistance.
So a lot comes down to the sailing conditions and the surface you are going to be sailing on, yes a slight rake seems to bite into the surface just slightly better BUT it does come with extra drag.

The wheel bearings ALSO have a major part in the speed of yachts, Roller bearings had a LOT more drag than ball bearings.
Sealed bearings have a lot of extra drag on them than open bearings. Seals on both sides of a bearing AND running grease will run VERY smooth but with drag, as wheels normally have a bearing on each side of the hub try removing the inner seal.
Some people actually washed the grease out and only used auto engine oil as a lubricant... far less friction than grease.... BUT they need to be lubed up on each outing.
Don't be afraid to run VERY cheap bearings .... Yes they are rough but if the grease is washed out and they are run on a bench with an electric drill and some valve cutting paste the balls become very smooth. Yes they are a little noisey sailing but I have had great success with them.....Also the wheel will feel little sloppy with toe in - toe out and they sort of become 'self aligning' .... BUT the actual bearings need to be replaced after a few days of hard sailing.

So hopefully that has sort of answered your original question.


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