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Motor services advice HELP!

Created by Dale Christopher > 9 months ago, 7 Feb 2020
Dale Christopher
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7 Feb 2020 4:18PM
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Hi guys,
I'm located on the Mid North Coast NSW
Im having a lot of problems looking after my boat! I own a 9m sport cruiser which was running poorly last year so I tried to find some prices on slip, servicing and and antifoul etc... and I feel like everyone is trying to rip me off! I've been quoted $2500 for slip and antifoul. The mechanic I was recommended took months to actually have a look at the motor to give me a quote and then never got back to me. Since then I've found another mechanic but the motor has had very little use in the last year and seems to have seized up. I was quoted $10,000! To rebuild it, the motor was a fresh crate motor which was put in a couple of years ago! can anyone give me some advice, I have a boat that I can't even use or even get running to sell and everyone seems to want to bleed me dry :(

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11 Feb 2020 7:52PM
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I suggest you for auto repair services. they also provide Cash for car ( ) services.


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"Motor services advice HELP!" started by Dale Christopher