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Mountain board or skateboard

Created by olskool > 9 months ago, 6 Jul 2018
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6 Jul 2018 5:40AM
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Hi guys, looking to make a wind skate. Was wondering whethee a mountainboard is siitable? Here's my 10min adaption for skatey deck.

Any advice regarding setup would be appreciated. Skatey works great on sealed surfaces. Thinking an MBS mountainboard would be ok for footy fields etc.

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6 Jul 2018 11:02AM
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Looks great.
Kym (The Father on his Dirt Surfer and kite wing) and Cooper (I think was 8 at the time) on his rig. Kym built this little rig and it worked like a charm.

June 2016 on Lake Lefroy Kambalda. We got caught out this day when a S/Westerly change with rain hit and we ended up in a complete "white out" many kilometers from base. We just sailed back into the wind knowing that we would hit the causeway eventually and work our way back to the car. Visibility was about a 100mtrs at best.


Really cold but had a ball testing new designs that day.


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"Mountain board or skateboard" started by olskool