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Created by SeasideSailor > 9 months ago, 28 Oct 2022
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28 Oct 2022 5:34AM
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Hello from Germany and thanks for adding me.
I found this forum 4 years ago and have dreamed of a sand yacht since then. Now the big sailboat is sold and we have time for this beautiful alternative sport. Landsailing this is not easy here, but fortunately we live on the Danish border and only have to drive 150km to the HotSpots. Since we have the sailors (the woman's X-Sail and my own construction) on a trailer behind the mobile home, we always use the weekends.
If you're interested in: we are seaside_sailors on Instagram.
Tomorrow we drive to Fanoe/Denmark again for 4 days at the end of the season.
Best regards, Torsten.


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"Thanks for adding" started by SeasideSailor