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Painting Deck

Created by Cabron 3 months ago, 11 Jan 2019
NSW, 208 posts
11 Jan 2019 9:28PM
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Get the yacht tomorrow, bringing her down from Pittwater to Balmain area.... close to home for some much needed TLC.... which includes a deck paint!
Old paint I'd peeling and ugly,

So, option is DIY or DIY, so advise required:
Anti slip is moulded and good, but needs a paint

Cockpit, and all non nonslip areas are peeling. Thoughts are to electric wire brush (s/s of course) sand not sure what grit and wash (oil remover), primer, international paint.

Or should I think about 2pack?

I don't want to remove deck gear, or as minimal as possible, just tape everything up and do it.

To be honest, I'm a handy person electrically or mechanically but painting is not my thing, and I know help/advice/guidance is required.

Any tips where to start?

What paints?

What prep from start to stop?

Anyone know anyone that wants a weekend side job guiding me through it and helping out?



VIC, 473 posts
12 Jan 2019 7:58AM
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Sit back and spend a few hours on He has excellent videos on everything you need to know.
In addition, there's plenty of good information on Youtube.
After doing your preliminary homework, maybe come back with specific questions.

NSW, 1378 posts
12 Jan 2019 11:23AM
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Cabron....We painted our deck in 2 pack paint using International Perfection. Look at 'Painting Perfection' on this forum.

QLD, 3967 posts
12 Jan 2019 6:34PM
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It's a big job you need to clean and sand every inch depending on the size of the boat and build its a open discussion.

SA, 71 posts
12 Jan 2019 8:03PM
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Kiwi grip should be a consideration :
* best suited option for diy;
* water based application = lower toxicity = easy application;
* whilst some technique recommended = very easy to recoat;
* probably requires the least prep work as applied thick;
* apply any color tint via buntings;
* easy to clean up splashes;
* easy to choose your desired textured finish.
comes up a treat

574 posts
13 Jan 2019 6:38AM
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I have had good results from the Weatherfast Deck paint range on previously owned boats.
Very easy to apply, just wash area, mask off then paint

NSW, 253 posts
13 Jan 2019 1:43PM
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Yes, to me the big decision to make is always:

Max durability = two pack, or
Max maintainability = one pack (touch up quickly any time without time consuming prep)

I used to be inclined to 2-pack, but these days, I've seen/heard claims that some one-packs can give you 70% of the life span of typical two packs. I'd fall for that if I can get it.

QLD, 3967 posts
13 Jan 2019 5:18PM
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I'm currently in the process of painting decks and cabin.
First step was to clean and sand.
second step was to wipe clean and apply two pack epoxy sanding undercoat.
third step was to apply single pack bondz undercoat.
forth step mask non skid areas. Took a good days work!
fifth step apply satin Aqua trim white.
sixth step remove tape and re-mask ready for light blue Kiwi grip!

QLD, 3967 posts
13 Jan 2019 5:46PM
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A nice smooth durable coating. Non skid application next.

NSW, 208 posts
12 Mar 2019 9:19PM
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Ok, I've started the repaint deck process.
Progress so far.

Removed all paint on flat surfaces by razor scraper back to Gelcoat and sanded with 120-150grit

Applied 1 coat Pre-Kote, went to sand and recoat this morning with 50/50 Pre-Kote and Toplac, however paint was still soft after 24-30 hrs, so left it for the day.
Sanded with Wet/Dry 320grit this afternoon however now the weather is turning wet for the next week or so.
My question is, should I sand again when the weather clears up, as it is way past the recoat timing on Pre-Kote, or will the sand today create enough of a key for the second coat?
Was hoping to get 2 coats on before the weather arrives, however you can't sand soft paint or change weather.
If I sand again, will just remove even more Pre-Kote, but want the next layer to adhere? Any advice?
Plan is 2 coats Pre-Kote, and then 2-3 Coats Toplac.
All non slip will be coated in Kiwigrip after Toplac is finished, and cured.

Finally, as I don't have access to a dock and hose, is multiple jerry/buckets of fresh water and sponge enough cleaning after sanding with wet/dry, then wipe with wax/grease remover /prepsol before recoating? Or does it really need a hose and scrub?? Thinking of putting a bladder and pump/hose in tender for higher pressure than bucket/sponge.

NSW, 4849 posts
13 Mar 2019 8:21AM
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I would just wash it down with truck wash and when dry keep painting.

NSW, 208 posts
11 Apr 2019 9:38PM
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From Before to Now... Almost Finished, Thanks for the advice ????

VIC, 624 posts
11 Apr 2019 9:50PM
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nice work Cabron, she's come up a treat.

VIC, 423 posts
12 Apr 2019 8:10AM
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great job mate well done

SA, 71 posts
12 Apr 2019 8:41AM
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Very Nice Cabron - I love it when a plan comes together after so much effort.


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