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ST50 Seatalk1 round plug?

Created by Cabron 1 month ago, 18 May 2019
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18 May 2019 10:11AM
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Next project!! Replacing autopilot to new Evo1 series on STNG, I've got (or getting) the ST-STNG converter kit to bring the ST50 data across( yes aware Raymarine say it might not work, however folks on another forum have done before and it works), however the converter kit comes with the flat ST1 plug.
Before I start chopping plugs and cables, throwing it out there to see if anyone has any ST1 round plug cables kicking around the shed, or bottom of a boat locker that are no longer used or required.
The new ST-STNG cable is also too short as I went to get converter somewhere accessible. So looking for a ST1 round plug cable, even if bare wires the other end.
Cant find anything online, besides in the UK.
Anyone had experience in extending ST1 cables? Appears to be just a 2 core screened cable?


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"ST50 Seatalk1 round plug?" started by Cabron