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Bondi foil ban

Created by juandesooka 4 months ago, 29 Jan 2019
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29 Jan 2019 1:29AM
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Saw this posted elsewhere, reposting here:

I suspect this is a non-issue, as I doubt foiling at Bondi is common. But it also feels like a panicky response. Have there been any incidents anyone knows of?

This might be reasonable as an "abundance of caution" policy ... you'd have to be crazy to foil in the middle of a huge crowd, but some clueless idiot will inevitably try and then wreck it for everyone else.

Just curious about the back story here if anyone knows. Ultimately it may just be hating on foiling ... if the surf community hates SUPs, it is 100x worse for foils. Where you can see it best is the comments on any foil posts on mainstream surfing!


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"Bondi foil ban" started by juandesooka