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Easy foil wedges

Created by Seajuice 1 month ago, 29 Mar 2019
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29 Mar 2019 9:56PM
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I wanted to get some foil wedges so went to my local auto shop here in NSW Australia. The shop was Super Cheap Autos.
I thought I was going to find some in a packet. But when I checked I found the ones in the packet weren't wedges. But hanging in a rack were some single ones at around $3 max. They aren't the full size of the foil mount but will do for now.
They are 2mm at thick end. & just about full width from bolt to bolt so couldn't drill holes for bolts to fit through. But this was quicker for me to install between foil mount & board. So no problem trying to locate bolts through holes. Yay!
All I had to do was a few measurements & use large scissors to cut out the outside edges so the wedge would fit between the bolts & stop at the outside perimeter of the mount. The pics will show what I mean.
And the 6mm thickness of the 3 wedges is just about right for foil mast to be perpendicular to centre of bottom of board between Neilpryde foil & JP 6ft 8" foil board. I am hoping it to be less on trial rides.

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29 Mar 2019 8:34PM
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I would have some concern about the uneven stress on the boxes from bolting down your plate with only the inner side of the boxes having backing (shim). When you tighten the bolts, the outer sides of the boxes have nothing to pull against and may want to pull out of the board.
I'd would want contact with the shim all the way around the bolts.

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30 Mar 2019 7:10AM
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Whats the reason Seajuice?
I would've thought the r&d dial this gear and combo before release to the consumer?

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30 Mar 2019 6:31AM
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Shimming the foil like this should make it easier to lift off at low speeds but can make it very difficult to control at higher speeds as you will probably have to ride with your nose pointed downwards to reduce the angle of attack and keep the foil from breaching.
Here is a video about the angle of incidence vs. angle of attack.

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30 Mar 2019 2:14PM
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I used 9 layers of ice cream boxes to create a wedge.
This way I can fine tune my wedge by adding or removing layer(s)
Yesterday the screws came loose a bit after a 90 minute session, but that was the first time this happened...

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30 Mar 2019 5:16PM
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JEG said..
I would've thought the r&d dial this gear and combo before release to the consumer?

That would be true for a foil and board of the same brand.

But when you use different brands for the foil and board, you may have to adjust things, different foils have (slightly) different angles.

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30 Mar 2019 8:58PM
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I sourced from the UK, contact provided by Piros, but name escapes me. Perfect, but obviously pay a little for the real deal. About $30 each after shipping for a 5 & 10mm. Surely some of u guys out there are dabbling with these 3D printers? I'd try but I've the attention span of a fish, so can't....thus just sourced them.

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31 Mar 2019 12:18AM
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Thanks guys for your input & opinions.
Fishdude. I can hear what your saying. And totally understand what you are saying. The photos make the gaps look more exaggerated with all 3 wedges. And yes there is more pressure on the inside of the boxes but the leverage is minimal if these boxes are set strong. One way to find out. But sure the boxes will hold in my experimental stages before I make a full size epoxy wedge if needed.

And thanks Blue Planet for explaining Angle of Incidence compared to Angle of Attack. So I think that would explain that a mast doesn't necessarily have to be exactly perpendicular, (90 deg.) To the deck. And that may explain why I experienced easy paddle speed & wave catching without the wedge because the wing would have been more parallel with the deck meaning the right angle of attack. But the nose up riding seemed a little odd. But at higher speed & pointing down a wave face I would be putting more downward force on the front of the board.

Jeg. Blue Planet has explained it. And so has the more experienced riders like Piros. Who say a wedge is not needed or very minimal thickness if needed. I think the research & development teams only use the experienced riders to have input into their board designs.

Colas. Yes different designs different angles of attack which equals different adjustments.

Me. I got these wedges to experiment for my benefit to find what is the most comfortable. At this stage it is the 5 to 6mm wedge thickness in the flying stage. But I think this is slowing down my wave catching & early take offs as I had experienced. So am thinking to go down to 4mm wedge to meet halfway between catching & riding.
But. Paddle speed & catching waves early is very appealing & I may even get back down to one wedge or none. Then try to adjust my flying stance to compensate.

Yeah. I can see Piros eyes rolling & saying, " Just put the foil on the board & ride it heaps!" Then make your adjustments. Haaaa!

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31 Mar 2019 2:01AM
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On my Takuma board with np foil and no wedge I paddle and catch waves easier with a small wedge and without it onlookers remarked that when foiling it was noticeably nose up. So better with a wedge.

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31 Mar 2019 11:33AM
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Good to have onlookers giving their observations to help with what suits best.
Even with body stance. I was told I looked to be standing too straight. And that's why I found I was falling off too often. As soon as the board pointed nose up my centre of balance shifted backwards & avoided me being able to put weight forward.
I also found when entering a downward trough the foil would naturally want to keep going horizontal & want to breach. To avoid this. I just squat down low instead of trying to put weight forward in a standing position as this would help putting extra weight on the front foot as well as improving stability. Try it standing in surf stance on the floor. Then squat quick & you should find your body weight shifts forward. This also helps when catching a wave. Something I still forget to do sometimes.

Hey Tomooh. I am waiting to see more videos of someone riding my set up to see how the board rides without wedge. But will be hard to see if there is a wedge installed.
But anyway I have only had one session so far. Hangin to get out there!

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31 Mar 2019 10:41AM
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Probably easy to video it when being towed and flying. I just looked at the first time I got up with my Takuma foil and it looks very nose high and the board is not looking that high off the water when it breaches. Think I will get a longer mast. It does feel high when you are riding though. Perhaps the angle is a bit different when towing but it will be pretty close.

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8 Apr 2019 12:51AM
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I prepared for you a pair of wedges to be 3d-printed.

would fit on base plates with holes of 90x120, 90x140 and 90x160.
You've got them in 3 or 5 degrees.
- The one with 3 degrees is aprox 10,5mm high
- The one with 5 degrees is about 17,4mm high
Holes are 8mm width.

For sure you would have a 3dprinting service around you.

This kind of stuff is very simple to be designed. If you need any modification, do not hesitate to ask for.


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