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The Future of Foiling

Created by Jimmy Lewis Boards 6 months ago, 4 Dec 2018
4 Dec 2018 11:56AM
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Check out this amazing sequence of Hawaiian Jimmy Lewis team rider Derek Hamasaki ripping a huge off the top layback on his JL flying V & GoFoil...

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4 Dec 2018 12:14PM
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Saw this on Instagram. What a sequence. Wish someone had it on video.

It does spark a question in my mind about how much the board contributes. I'd love to hear more from the experienced foilers on here as to whether this is a great JL shot, a great GoFoil shot or what the mix is.

ive never thought about this until now but this is a new frontier. Both companies are part of this so it has impact. A great rider from a great board company could be hobbled if they made bad foils. The opposite can be true too.

Does this exist in other sports like windsurfing and kiting? We don't have an analog in surfing really.

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5 Dec 2018 5:07AM
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Definitely an awesome shot.

I would love the see the next two frames. My heart and foil stoke is saying "yeah he made it", but I have to think that it got pretty ugly after this frame.

In the second shot you can see how far off the masts plane he is, which means there's is a huge amount of heel side lift being produced. Now I imagine the footstraps have helped as lot here and he holds it will into the 3rd shot, but you can already notice that the board is rolling under him. My head tells me that the board rolled under him butt and unfortunately rolled him.

Please prove me wrong, as it looks sick!

Sorry to be a downer

Ride safe,



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