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2020 allstar

Created by MrOrange 2 months ago, 17 Aug 2020
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17 Aug 2020 1:06AM
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Hi, what's the view on this board? what with its new bottom shape. Or wait for the 2021 dugout model? Seems to me it could be more stable with the dugout, that's if there is an issue with the new bottom shape.

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19 Aug 2020 8:52AM
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I know just one person that had an Allstar 2020 for a couple of weeks. Used once or twice, didn't like it and ended up selling it. The guy had a NSP Carolina before (still has actually), and then bought a 24 inch wide 2020 Sprint which became his first choice board for maybe 80% of the time. It seems the Sprint can do almost everything apart from downwind or big surf.
I don't know about the prices, but I probably would go for the new Allstar (2021). The dugout has a massive impact on stability. I haven't seen anyone else with the 2020 model, it seems they didn't sell like they usually do, and I reckon reselling these boards must be even harder.
Hope that helps!


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"2020 allstar" started by MrOrange