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9'4 all wave ltd or 8'11 shroom

Created by jdm 3 months ago, 21 Jul 2018
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21 Jul 2018 12:18PM
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Hey everyone,

After some opinions, i have just sold my blue planet wave guru that i surfed twice a week for three years, 198 ltrs, i am wanting to progress and get a little fitter etc, i am 6'3 and 122 kg but very active and surfed all my life, have demo the shroom 8'11 and was quite fun and i was surprised it floated well, i really like the shape of the allwave and the 9'4 x 33 x 173 ltd is still quite good volume. happy for any other suggestions, gerroa is my local so quite a chilled wave

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21 Jul 2018 3:16PM
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Haven't tried the Shroom JDM, but I do ride an 8'5 (136ltr) Allwave. The wider nose adds to the stability and it floats me fine at 100kg. I am riding it as a quad and rate the shape for overall speed, manoverability and stability. This was quite a big step down for me from a 9'6 board but had the hang of it on the second or third session.

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22 Jul 2018 11:48AM
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Hey JDM - see if you can demo some boards before you buy. Buoyancy and stability and surfability are tricky with SUPs. You can "surf" on almost any SUP, but getting the right combo of stability and the rails, width & length so that you enjoy the wave is worth a bit of experimentation.

My main point is that you have to try and figure out what you didn't like in the board you sold. Was it too long, and that made it hard to turn? Was the board thick and that made it corky? Were the rails too thick or rounded?

I have no experience with those two boards, but in my early days I rode a Starboard "Widepoint" which I thought had a good combination of length, width, tail, rail thickness, and stability. I was on a 9'5 x 32" but I was 95 kg.

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23 Jul 2018 1:34AM
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I am 6'2 and 110L and own the 9'4 and have demoed the 8'11 Shroom. The Shroom is very condition specific to the wave you describe. The Shroom is tons of fun and very stable but I would opt for the Allwave. It is super stable (I find it more stable then the Shroom particularly front and back stability), can be surfed in a variety of conditions, and comes in at a better price point. I agree with Emeboy, if you can get one with a five fin option, I find the board runs better as a quad.

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23 Jul 2018 2:43PM
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Every time I see someone who has a widepoint they are always satisfied. It's a keeper from what I can tell.
if I was heavier I probably would have one.

A 9'5 would be a good one to consider.

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18 Aug 2018 5:24PM
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I got an amazing Shroom 8.7 and my previous board was an Allwave 9.0... Before the Shroom I was a Allwave enthusiast. Now with the Shroom I'm in another planet. Last week i stayed 5 hours between the waves enjoing like a pig in the mud.... It's easy, confortable, catch every wave... With the Allwave I wasn't able to do what i do with the Shroom. I deeply love my Shroom. Another very important aspect is the construction: the Sunova is bullet proof and the finishing is perfect. The Fanatic has a ridiculous painting, not epoxy, that doesn't bear humidity at all. Every time I used the Allwave i had to wait tha the borad was completely dry before put it in the bag... Shroom forever.

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19 Aug 2018 12:33AM
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Shrooms are ace, in onshore slop and crumble and nothing bigger than waist high IMO.
Stable and yet flicky if you use the stomper for turning.
Just sold an 8'3 and replaced with a 7'6...


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