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A little bit of "custom" repair to my Flow....

Created by SunnyBouy 28 days ago, 17 Oct 2019
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17 Oct 2019 11:03PM
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Well, after a smack on the nose from a passing bit of rock ledge... I thought I'd not only repair it, but add a bit of colour to my Flow... Since I've no intention of selling it, ever.
In years gone by I wouldn't have even attempted a repair, or any kind of paint customisation... I would have just made a right old bodge of it due to either time or just being inept.
Frankly I'm very pleased with it.
(hope JuniorBurger/Tino or Burt at Sunova don't get annoyed, since I've almost copied one they did a while back)

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17 Oct 2019 11:12PM
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Nice, I like it!

Like I tell everyone..... just fix it yourself, it's the only way to learn.
Apparently, you learned well

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18 Oct 2019 4:04AM
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Thanks STC, appreciate it

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18 Oct 2019 5:18AM
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Nice job looks unridden and new

i like green

i hope your nose is ok .

NT, 316 posts
18 Oct 2019 6:53AM
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Yes Sunny!!!
Shes lookin the schizzle man - well done.
Yep - green rocks

WA, 18 posts
18 Oct 2019 6:44AM
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Looks good - rattle can?

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18 Oct 2019 4:08PM
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Not a rattle can special, no...

I took ages preparing it, I think I may have over masked the board TBH... but I wanted to make sure I didn't get splatter everywhere.
Remember the Flash Vid Tino put out? The one where he glasses the board then paints it with a 3" brush to get that red/orange/yellow finish?? Well I watched that first, before I attempted anything. I was going to do half the board like the Flash, but in 4 shades of green. However I chickened out and only did the rails in the end. So I simply bought some acrylic paint, 4 shades of green from Moss to Lime, thinners, panel prep and got to it with a 3" brush...

The repair was the hardest thinking about it. I had a small crack on the nose, you can see the repair in the first pic (two grey lines) I did what Bert said to do and drilled a small hole in the balsa and another on the rail then set up a small vacuum pump to suck out the water. It took a day and a half to get it all out. Then filled it with two-pack and left it to dry for a week.
I smashed it against a rock ledge on the North East coast whilst out in a head high day, I didn't notice it at first it was only when I got it out of the bag to dry back where I was staying that I noticed small water droplets coming out of it... I put some ding-stick in it and continued the rest of the holiday then planned to fix it later.
TBH, Bert and Sunova have been utterly brilliant at explaining and producing vids that explain not only how to, but how they make their boards and how to fix them... I don't think there is any other manufacturer who would do that...
So Thanks Bert/Tino and the Sunova guys !!!

I have a good mate who does excellent repairs on boards local to me, he had a look over it and said "yes mate, I'd have done the same... you've done well there"


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"A little bit of "custom" repair to my Flow...." started by SunnyBouy