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Fanatic SUP 2013 catalogue

Created by KNXSUP > 9 months ago, 1 Sep 2012
WA, 88 posts
1 Sep 2012 9:01PM
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VIC, 17397 posts
2 Sep 2012 12:15AM
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Very nice.. Welcome Fanatic to the big sup league.. Now there's five biggies.. Naish, Starboard, Coreban, Surftech.. and now Fanatic.


192 posts
2 Sep 2012 5:19AM
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Very nice , sharp graphics. It would be good to see rocker outlines.

Interesting to see 12'6" is referred to as Race BOP and 14' just a Race !

QLD, 69 posts
2 Sep 2012 10:09AM
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I demo'd the new 9'2" allwave and 10'6" fly last weekend here in Noosa. ****ty waves but both handled it well. I was surprised that i could handle the 9'2"(i have just got this years 9'6" allwave after spending too long on an 11' nsp) but the 10'6"Fly really surprised me. It was really responsive and stable too. I also liked the smooth deck grip-the deck grip on my 9'6" allwave is just getting "grooved" after 3 months of daily use. Happy with my 9'6" but that 10'6" has me thinking, especially after spending a few too many days lately paddling around the canals.

31 posts
2 Sep 2012 8:11AM
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Sweet! Glad to see the 2013 line up and wish they showed the side view as well.

NSW, 204 posts
2 Sep 2012 11:07AM
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9'3 Prowave looks the goods for the 95+kg club
Will there be one at the Peter Dorries Fanatic demo next weekend?

14 posts
9 Sep 2012 11:13PM
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Nice looking lineup!!!.Just got yesterday a 9'2" Allwave. Kind of a complicated story involving a very deceiving experience with Naish but now I own a 8'5" Pocket Rocket and the Allwave.
80Kgs (just lost 5 kilos after an apendix operation last week). Yet to put my Allwave in the water, after reading some great reviews I can't wait.
One quesition though, does these boards have an air valve or that is just the mast insert??. Does it needs to be covered so it doesnt take water or is it a blind end insert?.
Thanks in advance

WA, 354 posts
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9 Sep 2012 11:24PM
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Hi Iggysup,

The Allwaves don't have breather holes. The one you see on your board is for a mast foot for a sailboard rig. It's a blind hole so doesn't leak.

Enjoy your new board. I'm a big fan of the 9'2" in less than ideal conditions. Can't wait for my Carbon/Innegra 9'3" Pro Wave.


14 posts
10 Sep 2012 2:50AM
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Thanks Scarbs!!!. When I went to the dealer here in Montreal, he talked me into the 9'2". I was after the 8'10" but he told me the 9'2" would be a better option since I wanted the board for a bit of flat water recreational training and for the surf on weaker conditions.
First impression those rails are MASSIVE!!. The single to double concave finishing on V must make it quite pivoty and all that volume must make it catch waves a breeze.
Can't seem to understand yet how the SUP industry has not adopted the stepdown rail Firewire is using in some of their most popular models, including the potato family. That will increase the performance o the board incredibly while allowing to go smaller keeping the same volume... Anyways food for thought!!
Can't wait to put the allwave in the water

QLD, 1332 posts
10 Sep 2012 7:46AM
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Geez Iggy,
Everyone knows the sweet potato is old hat.
The baked potato is the go now.

14 posts
10 Sep 2012 6:06AM
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Yeah, but I was talking abouth the stepdown rail of the Spitfire, Hellfire combined with the potato damily concept (sweet,baked, nator)


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