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Infinity Blurr v2 (with a comparison to the B-Line

Created by Supnorte A week ago, 8 Jul 2019
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8 Jul 2019 11:17PM
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After a few months of surfing with the Infinity Blurr v2 here is some notes on the Infinity SUP Blurr v2.

First of all, I distribute Infinity in Portugal. I've been a huge fan of the brand back since 2012 when I inadvertedly entered the shop in Dana Point during a road trip through the Pacific Coast Highway in California (from Dana Point to San Francisco). I entered the shop looking for an used surfboard (to fit inside the car) and was amazed by the SUP boards there. At that time we didn't had access to quality SUP boards (or small boards) in Portugal.

I'm 1,80 m, 73 kilos and 42 years old. Most of the time I surf with a 4/3 wetsuit. My previous board was the Infinity B-Line 7'11 x 27" with 85 liters. It was already a big step down in volume for me (10 liters) but I was amazed at how stable the board was (widish tail, larger nose but still pointy and almost paralel rails mid-section). The B-Line helped me progress my surfing skills to a new level and by the time I sold it I had the board complety dialed and was surfing better than ever.

When Infinity launched the Blurr v2 it was a natural step to progress to this board and to lower my volume and width even more even if I had to sacrifice stability, so I got the Blurr v2 7'8 x 25.5" with 79 liters.

My first impressions were: it looked like a surfboard (very narrow) and was extremely light. My B-Line had an excellent construction; after 2 years use I sold the board almost brand new: no scratches (the paint doesn't scratch if you hit it with the paddle), no dings whatsoever, and still light with a surfboard-like flex and coil. The Blurr has most of the same characteristics, with a slightly different construction. The paint doesn't scratch either, but since it has black rails it will leave a small mark (but no paint chips) if you hit it with the paddle. Deck pad is also similar: light, water-tight and very grippy (sometimes both boards would flip 60? standing only on a rail while waiting for a wave and I would still recover from that due to having my feet almost stuck to the deck pad (you can see some details of the pad on the photos). Fins are also great quality (carbon and fibreglass). The B-Line comes with 5 fins (quad or thurster with Future fin boxes and US central box) and the Blurr only has 3 fins (and boxes) since it works much better on thrusters (while the B-Line excels with quads). Only downside on the fins is that they are very sharp and sometimes I'm afraid the board flips after hitting the lip and I land on the fins. I'm waiting for the new Black Project fins for Future boxes to be available to change them and surf careless.

In terms of shape (and comparing to the B-Line), the Blurr has a surfboard-like outline, with very pointy noise, a wing pin tal and very thin rails while maintaining volume due to the stepped rails. The stepped rails are no novelty and have been used by a few shapers for a long time. What I noticed is that for me it helped a lot with the stability and floatation while preserving really thin rails. In terms of stability having ridden the Blurr 7'8 x 25.5 (79 L), the Blurr 7'11 x 27.5" (90 L) and the B-Line 7'11 x 27" (85 L) and the B-Line 7'7 x 26" (78.8 L), both models have similar stability despite the differences in terms of outlines (the B-Line being the more stable outline) and this is where in my opinion the stepped rails came in hand, because while standing the board will sink the rails leaving but will leave the deck outside of the water (or most of it depending on your weight-volume ratio), being less prone to be affected by chop or wind, but giving enough flotation to help in stability.

Despite the jump I did in terms of volume and width I was able to find my balance in a short period even in messier conditions. On my first session I had a tough time standing up, but once up it wasn't very hard to keep my balance and to catch waves. On my second session I already started standing up from the beach and from then on I was always progression. When I had a neck injury (not related to surfing) and was away from surfing for 2 months I had to adapt again to the board. But I did one session with the Blurr 7'11 x 27.5 (90 L) in very messy conditions (chop, short period, rebound from the harbour wall and backwash from the beach and also rip current) and it was very stable. After surfing with a 25.5 board, the 27.5 width seemed very large for me.

Comparing the Blurr and the B-Line surfing, both are very oriented performance boards (Dave Boehne and Kay Lenny prefer the Blurr and Izzi and Giogrio Gomez are fans of the B-Line). In my opinion the B-Line is a slightly faster and looser board (you can throw the tail easier), and the Blurr gives you more control on turns and enables you to stay closer to the pocket of the wave and to put an extra pressure on your turns. The main difference for me in on lip moves or closeouts; with the Blurr and it's very thin and pointy nose I can just hit a closeout or a big foam section and stick almost all my landings (the nose of the B-Line would catch more water). With both boards you can use more power surfing. I feel that both boards are very light under my feet and I feel the flex of the board harnessing the power on the bottom-turns to release it after when I hit the top of the wave. All my previous boards felt more like a SUP under my feet and I didn't feel the flex while doing turns (being very stiff).

Both boards come in several sizes and volumes to accommodate riders of all sizes and levels, so you don't need to be a lightweight or super fit guy to surf one of these boards.

B-line:7'4 x 23" (70 L)
7'7 x 26" (78.8 L)
7'11 x 27" (85,4 L)
8'2 x 29" (101 L)
8'5 x 30" (115 L)
8'8 x 31" (125,5 L)

Blurr v2:7.5 x 24.5 (72 L)
7.8 x 25.5 (79 L)
7.11 x 27.5 (90 L)
8.2 x 29.5 (109 L)
8.5 x 30.5 (121 L)
8.8 x 31.5 (132 L)
8.11 x 32.5 (142 L)


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