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Naish Hokua 32X8,3 or what?

Created by billfoc 27 days ago, 13 Jul 2020
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13 Jul 2020 5:01PM
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Hi there!
I owned a Fanatic all wave sup 9,5 170 lt which was my only sup to ride in flat sea or waves.It was small for long rides and big for waves .Now i have a big one for flats so i sold my all wave to purchase a smaller sup only for waves.I have a medium experience in medium waves which are often in my area (Greece) , and there is allways wind and chop .
I was between Naish Hokua 32X8,3 GT (2015) or 32X8,8 GT but unfortunately there is only 8,3 left (and 9,1).I weigh 93 kilos and i think i d like to take the smaller one i can ride and make a difference from my previus 9,5.
I ve never ride a 130lt board so i m not so sure if this huge downsize step is ok for me.But i dont want to ride a 9,1 and in few months ask a smaller one.
Maybe 8,8 was the best solution but unfortunately ,there in no sup left.
I wouldn t like to search for another board my solutions are 8,3 and 9,1 but the second one i think its to big.
I ve ride a 145 liter board with no problems.
So what do you think, is 8,3 hokua too small for me?Will i sink with it and make my wave life difficult?Shall it glide or because its short and i m 2 kilos under its maximum weigh ride , i ll be slow with it?
Any suggestion will be appreciated , i m going to the shop on Saturday!

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13 Jul 2020 9:48PM
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Hey mate, I surfed the Naish 8'3" 32 a few years ago and found it turned very well in beach breaks. I could land late drops effortlessly too. I found it quite slow to paddle due to the length and width and it lacked drive when the surf was on. I am around 90kg and sup regularly. The perfect board for me so far is the 8'3" smik hipster @ 121 L...seems the better the conditions, the better it performs Good luck shopping ??

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14 Jul 2020 9:57AM
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The 9'1" is actually a gigantic board! I owned one for A while and was instantly wishing I'd gone for the 8'8". I ended up trading in for the 8'8". at your weight the 8'3" would do you fine

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14 Jul 2020 7:19PM
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I had the 8.8x32 at 90 kgs , its very stable ! i could or should have gone smaller and go 8.3x32


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