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Review: Sunova Balsa carbon bamboo paddle

Created by Eski 7 months ago, 14 Jul 2018
WA, 42 posts
14 Jul 2018 8:41PM
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First Paddle Sunova balsa carbon bamboo paddle.

Not associated with anyone, just a punter sharing some feedback.

Blade: balsa carbon.
Shaft: looks like a carbon sleeve inner with bamboo outer.
Handle: comfortable molded palm grip carbon?
Weight: 506grams on the kitchen scale, with shop sticker, cut to 182cm.

General comments:
1. Nice and light
2. Quite Stiff shaft (paddle shaft that is...)
3. Crisp catch with a high cadence, flick type stroke.
4. Blade loads up nicely (flexes a little) when you give it a real dig and you can feel that working at its best just prior to release = nice power.
5. Looks sweet with the natural tones of timber, bamboo and carbon accent
6. Price $300 from Stand Up Surf Shop North Freo
7. Bought the matching paddle bag to keep it safe for $65, which appears well made and does the job with some style.
8. Durability - no idea - will keep you posted.

Paddle was hauling my hump on my sunova 8'10" x 32 skate clean hip to head with strong offshores (estimated 15knots).


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15 Jul 2018 3:28AM
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Thanks Eski

Good looking paddle. Thanks for posting.


VIC, 989 posts
15 Jul 2018 7:42AM
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Nice hybrid bamboo paddle.

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15 Jul 2018 8:08AM
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The thing I worry about with wood ,is if the resin gets chipped off , the wood can swell .or discolour .
where a carbon shaft is stabile.
but it sure does look nice .

VIC, 1732 posts
15 Jul 2018 10:41AM
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I'd be worried about splinters

WA, 42 posts
15 Jul 2018 10:07AM
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Thanks for the comments folks.

Mr Tardy - yes i too share the view and concern re wood, but have had issues with carbon blades chipping and exposing foam cores, leading to delamination, water ingress weight etc. If you don't hear from me hear please assume all is going well. Any durability issues i will report back to the board.

Mr cant SUP... i know it was a comment in jest but just to keep it factual - if anything the bamboo shaft it is probably a touch slicker / slippery compared with a carbon or glass shaft - it is sanded smooth as baby's posterior after a bath and disinfecting

The reason i posted as i haven't seen a lot of reviews on paddles and it would be good to get some more...

Keep the jokes and comments coming.

PS it also feels good knowing i am a few grams more sustainable using wood products than my 100% manufactured friends


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15 Jul 2018 11:55AM
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there is a outrigger club near me ,they all have wooden shafts ,they all swear by them .

i use naish paddles .they are solid carbon blade...but yes i have seen a few other brand foam blades break ..

it is nice enough to hang on the wall ,that one .

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16 Jul 2018 2:42AM
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Looks lovely that.
Gonna keep an eye out for updates


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