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Sunova/Casey Revolution

Created by mickeyb 22 days ago, 9 May 2020
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9 May 2020 12:39PM
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I am writing this review from the perspective of an intermediate 84kg sup surfer. I live 30 minutes from the beach. I had been looking for a true one board solution for a long time and had tried many boards around the 130 litre range, all of them good in their own right. As soon as I saw photos of the revolution, I knew it was a board I was interested in. I purchased the 10 x 28 @ 127 litres. The construction of this board is beautiful. It looks excellent and feels tough. Even the carry handle feels so much better than other boards. The board is very comfortable and stable to paddle. Most of the volume is forward of centre. When paddling out, the pinched rails are under the water line and water washes over the back of the board.

The revolution jumps on waves so easily. It pivots off the tail like nothing I have had before. The swing weight feels so much better than other ten footers. The fin set up is unreal. 2 x 105 side bites and a 94 rear make this board perform so well. This is the first board I have had where I have been happy with the stock fins. I was worried it may be a bit loose in the tail for nose riding with a smaller rear, however the rail holds nicely when nose riding. The feature that has impressed me the most is how well the board responds from the centre. Even when standing with parallel feet, a slight dip of the rail makes the board change direction and take off. I am usually looking to get to the nose, but have been having so much fun from the tail and middle of this board. I haven't had it in any size yet but all indications look good as to it's bigger wave potential. Money well spent.


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9 May 2020 11:27AM
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That's a nice looking 10 footer! Great review too.....makes it sound very tempting.

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9 May 2020 7:02PM
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Thanks MickeyB, I have been curious about James' new board!


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