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Sunova Soul 8ft 3" 1st ride review

Created by Seajuice > 9 months ago, 14 Mar 2015
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14 Mar 2015 11:30PM
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Thanks to Ekul for his review on the Sunova Speeed 7'11" I have adopted his terminology.

I am 5'10" tall, weigh in at 77 to 80 plus kilos. But 77kg at this stage. 55 years old & fairly fit & agile.

So here I am going to rate the Sunova Soul 8'3" recently purchased from Jon at Surffx. Thanks heaps Jon for your quality service & a great deal as well as your own opinions & recommendations.

So for the Soul after surfing it for the first time after surfing my previous JP Wide Body 8'2" Wood SUP.

Board Quality 9/10 or 10/10 at this stage.

Stability 8/10 without having to paddle.

Paddling into Waves 8/10

Speed 8/10

Manoeuvrability 8/10

Board quality is great so see for yourself.

Stability was exceptional for my beach break where there was a rushing outgoing tide at the lakes entrance causing some severe chop similar to an on shore 20 knot plus wind! I was very impressed. The stability was slightly under my JP Wide. So all good.

Speed blew me away! Quicker than my JP Wide. Was easy to get past close out whitewash & back onto the wave face! Screamed effortlessly along the wall of the wave. Absolutely loved it! I only rated it 8/10 compared to what I have heard about the Sunova Speeed.
Paddle speed was good to catch waves and what I liked the most was that I was able to paddle at speed effortlessly to position myself quick & effortless to set up to catch a wave. My home break has waves that pop up & break in different areas due to side swells from an island as well as a breakwall.

Manoeuvrability Well I am not a wave shredder but wish I could. And if I could then this board would easily do it. I found it sooooo light under foot that it felt like I was riding a thin hollow board with no weight seriously. Compared to my JP Wide there was absolutely no effort in turning the board where I wanted it to go. Launching it off the wave before it closed out was effortless & wouldn't be hard to get airborn if wanted. Lol!! I also hit a few steep sections that I would normally nose dive my JP Wide & came out OK. But it is still early days yet as they both are similar in rockers, nose & tail, but the Soul may be better in the nose kick but not much.

Wave catching was better than the JP Wide in my opinion due to speed & sweet spot stance. Facing forward whilst paddling & not in the surf side stance I didn't have to compensate as much to keep the nose above water. Also it tracked very straight & not sideways if I was slightly off balance as the wave took hold. Something I will appreciate when going for the wave of the day! Lol!!

Summing up comparing performance against my JP Wide I would rate the Sunova Soul as an exceptional all round board that just may well be my board of choice for those big wave chargers & getting past those scarey hairy moments that a big gnarly wave can produce. I just loved the control, smooooth ride & ease of carvy turns it produced.
Better than I expected. And I am saying it as I experience it.
Oh and that is a crap pic of me! Lol! Ignore it! Lol!

WA, 96 posts
15 Mar 2015 11:05AM
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Thanks good review nice looking board

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15 Mar 2015 12:18PM
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Nice review!

I like the rating format you used and the comparison pictures to the JP... all good stuff. Thanks

that guy
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15 Mar 2015 1:43PM
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wow,thats a great review.the sup's & the surfboards do make it easier to deal with waves that are normaly beyond someones comfort zone..thanks,dean

NSW, 308 posts
15 Mar 2015 5:03PM
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Thanks guys. In a way I didn't want to say this board is an all rounder. More like a good to high performance board in most surf conditions. But it paddles well in the flat water too for those that like to explore at a moderate speed for a shorter board.

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17 Mar 2015 10:11PM
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Well just had my 3rd session in 3 to 4ft waves, some just overhead, with a 10 to 15 knot side on sea breeze from my right with moderate chop. We were surfing right handers.

Day before yesterday, (2nd session), was crap with a rushing outgoing tide through the entrance causing severe chop & sucky waves causing more fall offs by me & my mate who has exceptional balance. It was a mess & shouldn't have bothered.

Again there was some awkward chop that made me fall off a few times at stand still & when going for a wave, but surprisingly my balance got better as I surfed on. Lol!

Again the board performed perfectly for me. It feels like a short board. I don't normally use my padde to turn & mainly use it to get a little more speed over flat sections & for balance like an out rigger, Lol! Love to be able to use a SUP like a short board. The Soul is thinner than my JP Wide.

It felt light under foot & fast down the line & everything I said on my first session. But this time I gave it a bit more & hit the lip a few times with a bit of a cut back towards the wash & right again without it feeling like bogging down as much as my JP Wide. Although I would say my JP Wide still performs but it's less than the Soul.

No nose diving yet but the nose did duck under a little when on the downward fall at the peak of the wave when the chop was severe. But that wasn't a problem as I twisted to my surfing stance.

How did I feel during my rides & at the end of this session? Absolutely in love with this board & more than happy of my purchase. No regrets. saying it as it is.

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22 Mar 2015 6:02PM
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Awesome review and great followup posts..

Stoked to hear your happy with your new board mate!

WA, 92 posts
15 Apr 2015 9:32PM
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Just picked up a Soul 8'3" today to complement my Laguna Bay 8'4" and Sunova 7'!!" Speeed. It will be my big board in windy conditions and to Windsup. i will post a review when i have given it a couple of runs. Surf forecast here is good but winds are 20 plus knots so we will see how we go! Should be kiting or windsurfing but I am prepared for the winter waves now and looking forward to it.


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