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Sunova Style 9.6 vs Sunova steeze 8,10

Created by Happyhaydo 3 months ago, 5 Aug 2018
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5 Aug 2018 9:43AM
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Just interested looking to get good long board sup
has anyone rode both these boards and what thoughts you
have on the way they ride

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5 Aug 2018 10:50AM
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I have a 10' Style and 9'6 Steeze, so similar comp.

IMO, the Style is ridden more traditional Mal.
I move around more on it, front to back... snaps around pretty good and great noserider.

The Steeze is ridden more like a fun shape.
I noticed on a vid I am making that I don't move as much on it..... simply turn from more of the middle of the board.
I noseride a bit, but spend more time turning and looking for performance.
The 8'10 Steeze is more EZ performance board than Mal, IMO

To my mind they are very different boards.
I prefer the Steeze because it more matches how I like to surf most days.
I had a blast on the Steeze today.

If I want a real longboard experience, I chose the 10'6 Surf.

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5 Aug 2018 10:51AM
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I have the 10' Style (29'') and an 8'10 STEEZE. Both are great boards. The 10' is a performance longboard SUP. Thin and low volume for size (131 liters) the board has great glide and is a great choice if you want a board for the classic longboard style..carving turns, nose riding and general "Styling"!?? That being said, I really love the 8'10 STEEZE. It's definitely an All-Round board. Its 30 inches wide and and still relatively low volume at 125 liters. I personally like to surf it like a longboard. Being 14 inches shorter than the Style the 8'10 STEEZE is quicker and more responsive in the turns, yet still noserides great and has good glide. For really small waves I use the STYLE and when the waves are bigger I prefer the STEEZE. When the waves are really good and punchy I use an 8'5 SPEEED. If I had to choose only one it would be the STEEZE. Hope that helps... Tim
pS.. my weight ranges from 90-93 liters..,

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5 Aug 2018 10:56AM
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Oooops.... pics 3&4 above are of the SPEEED..Here are a couple more of the STEEZE!

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5 Aug 2018 5:14PM
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Check this out Haydo. Nice review.
Would be fun in a few spots around here especially when it's higher tide


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