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Bali SUP Surf trip- advice please :)

Created by devonsupsurf 6 months ago, 28 Aug 2018
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28 Aug 2018 2:25PM
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Hi guys

I'm going to Bali 12th-30th Sept and would love some advice on SUP Surf spots. The American forums don't seem to have much info- I guess they just go to Hawaii- so here I am for some Ozzie experience.

6'1 Intermediate sup surfer been at it 3 years. Mostly surfed decent UK waves but did spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica last year. I have never surfed reef breaks though.

A few questions please-

A company has quoted $120/day private tutoring. This seems very expensive.

They have also said that the East breaks are not suitable in Sept- and many of the West breaks are unfriendly to sup surfers and/or too difficult a break. They have suggested Balian and Medewi.

SUP rental seems really rare in Bali too.

Anyway- some advice on the above would be brilliant thanks guys :)

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28 Aug 2018 5:19PM
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Hey mate,
There are a hundred posts on here about travelling to Bali and where to hire gear. I have hired from Jankie over in Sanur and he is great to deal with. You are correct that the east coast is not ideal in September, but I reckon there can be waves anywhere in Bali at any time, especially on a Sup. I was in Medewi this year and had a great time but Sept is a busy period and Medewi will be packed then. There are breaks North and south of the Medewi main point break that are good fun and probably be much less crowded as well. There is a resort one bay south (Puri Dajuma) and they have a few larger paddle boards that guests can use.

I often stay in Legian and there are lots of beach break spots along that stretch of beach where you will have some space and next to no agro. Its up the coast from Kuta so out of the crowds a bit. If there is decent swell... there are heaps of empty peaks and bommies up the coast from Seminyak too... worth a look.

If you haven't been to Bali before, I would recommend searching out the more quiet spots. You will probably find the waves are more powerful (size for size), especially if you get out to the reef breaks. And the good breaks get crowded!

Anyway, search Jankie, Sanur or Bali up above and you will get all the advice you need and some you probably don't.... Have a great trip!!

Oh, and I reckon $120 for SUP lessons is a bit steep.

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28 Aug 2018 3:41PM
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Funnily enough.. I'm also in Bali for a surf trip from 8-15 sept!
i wasn't sure I'd be Able to take my sip over there so planned on taking a few short boards.

Ware there any good sup sales deals over in Bali worth visiting?

if you want to meet up for a sup day while you're there let me know! I'd be similar level to you but would be keen to hit some of the heavier breaks on the sup too

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28 Aug 2018 6:15PM
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Uluwatu should be pumping, but you need to be pretty good to handle it and to also get respect from the locals. It is an amazing ride....

28 Aug 2018 7:04PM
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Some great sup waves between Berawa & Canggu on the outer reefs away fro the crowds

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3 Sep 2018 11:26PM
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G'day, just back from 2 weeks Bali, lots of different Sup waves around
For rental and lessons
@ Sanur there's Janki with Jimmy Lewis boards ,
also Rip Curl Surf with Smik n other boards ( X'y rates )
on large inner lagoon with outer reef breaks.
@ Jimbaran bay , Priority SUP is open from 7 - 7, 7 days. Locals with local made boards. From 10' x 33 down to 7'2 x 25.. They deliver.
Mix of waves from smaller Towers to inner n outer Torro Torro to full on Airport Rights. There is a couple long right runs that work on low tide with bigger swell out in middle of bay.
We stayed nearby this time to get in the morning 4km paddle over to Jimbaran corner for some little runners before the wind gets up.
If this 8km lap interest's anyone,
We left a Shapers open ocean n a FCS touring fin with Ben n Criss for use. ( less weight for Dec trip?????????????? )

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10 Sep 2018 4:48AM
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Wow great response thanks guys. I have been working like a dog for the past 2 weeks and totally forgot to check this forum. Standupzone is dead quiet for Bali info but this seems a super active forum :)

Anyway apologies for the delay.
I have now arrived in Hong Kong. A couple of days here then I'm 9ff to Bali. Can't wait. Looks like I still have lots to research!

Emeboy- brilliant thanks for the info! I have heard good things from Jankie @ Sanur. However he only seems to rent Jimmy Lewis- mostly the stun gun boards. Interestingly I used to own a 9'2 stun gun and didnt rate it that much. Damn thing wouldn't turn that well. At least it didnt quite suit UK waves. Maube Into waves are more suitable as they better replicate Hawaii surf? Their super tech looks brilliant but it's only 105L and would be too low volume for me- I'm 95kg dry. If they had a 120L super tech I would be very keen.

My other issue is board transport. I don't have a vehicle out there and I'm not Risking those scooter death traps. Well I would but the gf has forbidden it!

Medewi looks brilliant but it looks quite far away. Is there much to do in the area? A as the gf will be in tow she will want nice shops and surroundings have studios etc to keep her happy. Kuta and places near it look more suitable?

Legian and Seminyak both look brilliant places. I can get there fairly easily ibthink or move around and stay near there. And there's likely stuff for the gf too so theybpook great spots thanks.

Hi Benjl- ah ideal we will have a few days cross over by the looks of it I'm upnfor a meet up- although I think I will ease myself in gently by taking a lesson and starting out on some beach breaks. The surf over the past 3 months has been terrible in the UK- so I'm a bit rusty! Need to get my balance back. However- if you're happy with a beach break then I'm keen to join you for sure. :)

Smash1- Uluwatu looks amazing. And after a week around Kuta it would he a nice change. But I bet it's crazy busy there ? Not sure if I'm going to be good enough.....
JimmyLewisBoards- thanks- I will take a look at those places. As you and others have said it looks like checking places out along the coast to find quite spots is well worth doing!

Bighugg- thanks you're going to be a wealth of info! Will have a look at the smik boards never tried one before and I didn't know they were available in Bali.

Priority SUPs look good to me as they have lots of different sized boards. I'm thinking of going a little larger than I normally would. Give myself an extra half inch on width and a few more litres so I'm more stable on the board and can be safer moving around. Perhaps 9' and 120L would work for me.

NSW, 230 posts
10 Sep 2018 11:16AM
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No problem... good to hear you are on your way.

Medewi is quite out of the way and there is not a lot else to do but surf or sit by the pool... Scratch that one for now. Legian sounds like the spot for you.... loads of shops right there and you can easily walk to either Seminyak or Kuta for access to about a billion shops... Your GF will go insane!!

Cant say about the others but Jankies boys will deliver and pick up the board for you and I found the JL boards were fine in the bali waves... Remember the waves will pack a lot more punch than most UK waves... As for getting around with a board.... there are literally hundreds of transport guys around and all taxis and vans have tie down straps or will jam a board inside. Most of the resorts will have a couple of guys that will do business out front and all that I have dealt with have been great blokes... If you click with a guy, grab a card and he will be your personal transport whenever you need him.... It is that easy.

One key piece of advice.... Get up early. Wind will be light and the water will be perfect!

Do you have accommodation booked yet??

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10 Sep 2018 11:24AM
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Also.... you will end up on the beach for sunset drinks (its a given). Get talking to the guys that run the little bars or rent the surfboards... again, all I have met have been top blokes and they have heaps of contacts and info. They will help you organise transport etc... Its a bargaining society though so don't be afraid to try and negotiate a better deal... do it with a smile on your face and you never know how good a deal you will get!!

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10 Sep 2018 11:38AM
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Just looked at the surf report on magic Seaweed.... Looks like you are going to arrive to a cracking swell!!! Friggin Jealous!!

Unfortunately even Legian can get a bit heavy on a big swell... see how it goes but you might need to head up the coast and look for a bommie or tuck down at the bottom of Kuta (with 2.5 million others)...

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11 Sep 2018 6:48PM
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Awesome advice thanks mate
Looks freaking massive atm. Too big for me I fear. Maybe by the end of the trip my balls will have grown.

Got accommodation sorted for first 2 nights and that's it. We will probably move around a bit and I may get dragged into the centre to look at some temples for a few days.

We will make Legian our first main spot I think. Any suggestions for accommodation? We planned on staying in a family houses' out building/seperate compound. Any suggestions ?

I will also need a lesson right at the start. Perhaps will find a guide who has some sheltered location in mind ?

Is there any haggle room with board rental btw? Perhaps if I commit to 5 days of use? Board rental isnt that cheap- either the branded stuff or the locally made stuff. Only 2-3 suppliers must mean they can keep prices high.

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12 Sep 2018 9:16AM
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Okay, without wanting to sound too posh, we generally always stay on the beachfront at Legian... Last trip we stayed at the Hotel Puri Raja and it was really nice. About $90 AUD per night including breakfast. We have also stayed at the Melasti Beach resort and Sari beach resort (a bit tired now) which are all next door to each other and similar prices. If that is a bit steep, the numerous hotels one street back are about half that price and are still very comfortable. We stayed in the All Season Bali Legian once and it was great. No doubt there are cheaper places (possibly homestay style) but I don't personally know of any in Legian.

I think if you are looking for SUP lessons, you will need to look at the Sanur side of the island for BALI Stand Up Paddle School. If the swell is as big as it looks, there will probably be some nice waves over there too (possibly more options than Legian/Kuta). There are lots of surf lessons around Kuta, Legian and Seminyak but I have never seen SUP lessons.

You can always haggle for a better price... Some stores will not but generally most stalls or small businesses will.

We have been to Nusa Lembongan a few times as well and there was SUP hire there too which was very cheap.... not flash boards but only $5-10 per day. Nusa Lembongan is one of the islands towards Lombok so you have to take a boat trip but a very nice spot. Lots of different accommodation styles there too but not much shopping.

Quite a few options and don't over think it... you are there to relax...

VIC, 284 posts
12 Sep 2018 8:15PM
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Legian is a great spot to base your stay. my mrs and I stay at Padma resort, expensive at $300au a night but beautiful.... (if it was in oz it'd be $1000 a night!). easy to get $50au a night accomodation 2 streets back from the beach in quite nice hotels (but not resorts).

easy walk to kuta or seminyak from Legian.

Beachy's around kuta /seminyak/ legian can be sweet and/or get hectic. High Tide is best otherwise you can get smashed on the bigger swells. usually friendly in the water.

Canngu can get some nice beachies and bombies offshore. lots of shops / beach clubs etc. the area is probably what legian and seminyak were like 20yrs ago. before highrise resorts etc.

ulu's is an amazing wave, with great spots to watch for the Mrs (she'd love single fin bar). but it can get sketchy getting to the spot to paddle out, down the stairs and through the cave with a sup in hand. It can go from 5ft to 12ft in 20mins so you need your wits about you. impossibles and racetrack are sweeeet on the right day.

Padang Pedang is a beautiful beach with a left reef out front, lots of euro tourists, a great spot. lots of monkeys! I'd surf here on a higher tide on a sup as it can get super shallow and sucky - I've had my share of beatings there. no shops here.

Bingin very much the same.

Medewi is where you'd go if you wanted to get away from the rat race. sweet mellow left rolling point break with a 500m+ ride and some other peaks not far away. Nothing to do there except sit by a pool or surf though. and it's a good 2-3hr drive from Kuta, on a crazy road. Probably the cruisiest wave in Bali.

Jimbaran Bay has plenty of restaurants/beach clubs etc lots of protected spots or paddle over to airports (end of the runway) for serious surf. Even worth hiring a local boat just to go over and watch if it's going off.

Keramas is also a sweet spot, another reef but a right reef. Again 2hrs + drive from Kuta. Lots of shortboarders. Need to go early before wind picks up.

Sanur - 1km paddle offshore to the reefs. great spots for sup. but depending on winds, usually go early before wind kicks up. A little shopping but not much. You will get hassled just like kuta.

Nusa Dua - can usually find a beach break there, the area is basically just 5 star resorts next to one another... a small shopping centre is there also.

Seminyak is the yuppie area, Kuta the more bogan aussie area, with Legian in the middle. Beachwalk is a good spot for an afternoon shop.

good luck.

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14 Sep 2018 10:10AM
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I'm over in Bali at the moment, rented a sup from priortity yesterday- all good! Only $25 a day inc leash and paddle.
i got a performance 8'3 x 28 x 4 model but was really user friendly. Surprisingly easy to travel with, I strapped it to my scooter and drove 40mins back to Uluwatu and all good!

balangan is a fantastic sup wave, this is me prone surfing a few days ago there but I supped there yesterday in bigger 8ft surf and just picked up the bombs wave after wave! Even the surfers were cheering me on.
dreamlands is another option, but tends to be a bit more messy and close out-ish.
kuta is a safer and easier call, sand / beach break. Balangan is best on a fuller tide, dreamlands on mid-low.

also make sure you get an appropriate sized leash. I got given like an 11ft leash and it was a bloody liability on my rented board!
Some decent fins would be a good idea too. Mine had a mis-matched set with a small centre fin and was sketchy on an 8ft wave! SwapPed out with my own fins back at the hotel and much better!!

NSW, 230 posts
14 Sep 2018 2:42PM
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Always wondered if a Sup would fit in those scooter racks.... How was the trip with a huge sail next to you??

QLD, 6 posts
14 Sep 2018 8:38PM
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Transporting sups in bali is easy. Any car will put it on the roof if it doesn't fit inside. Surf early to avoid the wind and crowd. Dont take lessens, just do it away from other surfers.
The sup fits in the scooter bars if slide the front bar out one bolt. The buses and trucks cause stained pants as they blow you about on the highway to the Java. Wear shoes and jeans and something on your head. Around Bingin its fine.

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15 Sep 2018 11:13PM
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Wow this forum has been busy!

It's been super windy on the west coast during the day. Mornings may be ok but the tide has been super low at this time so I have had to wait until the tide picks up a bit. I have managed a couple of sup surfs at airports- the break in front of Priority sup. Balance hasn't been easy with the chop and winds though. Today was better as cross off shore.

I'm in Jimbaran at the moment- nice hotel but it's a bit out of the way. Another day here then I'm off to the East coast and will check out the July Lewis SUP rental company. As the wind isn't brilliant here it may be working there ? I'm having a few days in Ubid at some point and now may be a good time to do it as the wind isn't great. There's plenty of swell though which is lovely!

Anyway I'm trying some foil boarding for the first time tomorrow (unless the wind really is zero!). Having to balance surfing vs gf time at the moment hence not much water time. If the conditions were heavenly and dead calm I would do more though.

Benjl sounds like you're having a hoot m8. You're a league or two above me 8' would be my limit really and would want smoother water to do It. Today and 2 days ago have been really quite choppy around lunchtime when the reef is working.

I suppose the alternative is to go to another reef which works at mid/low tide when the wind is low fi4st thing but there's no way I'm getting on a scooter and storage of the sup will be tricky for the rest of the day.

Hoppo and Emeboy thabks a lot for the advice guys- I'm going to have another week of moving around and getting a surf on when I can tjen I'm going to settle in for the final week and find a break I can really nail. By then the tides should be in my favour with higher tides in the morning meaning I can beat the wind.

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17 Sep 2018 12:34PM
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I couldn't recommend balangan more enough on a high to mid ride for a sup- I think the swell is due to decrease to 3-5ft over the next few days? Tends to be quite clean there as well, I went in the afternoon when dreamlands was heavily on shore and choppy and think I only came off once in nearly 2hrs so definitely not too hard even when on shore.

What board did you rent?
kuta would be closer to you and be a bit of fun


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