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How to stick deck pad down?

Created by 8Paws 1 month ago, 5 Jan 2020
VIC, 18 posts
5 Jan 2020 11:46AM
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What is the recommended way to stick a 2cm deck pad corner (which has become unstuck) back onto the board?


shi thouse
WA, 867 posts
5 Jan 2020 2:28PM
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Bunnings - Sikaflex Contact Adhesive

May not come off again however.

VIC, 16194 posts
5 Jan 2020 5:45PM
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I've had success with auto window sealant.

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5 Jan 2020 3:22PM
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You need to use the M/S Polymer glues (Modified Silane). All brands have at least one in their line.

For instance UHU Max Repair, Pattex 100%, SADER Mega Strong...
For a (partial) list see the "Universelle Produkte" section of
The different variants differ by their color, speed of curing, additives...

This is a new generation of glues: extra strong, but stay somewhat supple, and does not damage the board (no solvents) so removable. And my pads never un-glued again.

- you only need to apply to the pad, no need to apply on the board (no solvent)
- they use moisture to harden, so it is not a problem is the board is a bit wet
- put the glue, press the pad in place and keep pressure (put weights such as water bottles on it). It should begin to harden after 5 minutes (so you can reposition the pad in the first minutes) and ready to use after 12 hours

Re-glue the pad as soon as delamination appears. The more you wait the more the pad risks stretching and losing its shape, or even tear.

VIC, 18 posts
7 Jan 2020 6:04PM
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Thanks all!


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