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Ismail Adarzane - One Camera Different POV SUP film

Created by Skeeee A week ago, 9 Nov 2018
VIC, 214 posts
9 Nov 2018 7:22PM
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398 posts
9 Nov 2018 5:59PM
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Excellent stoker! This shows the mouthmount veiw explained by the selfie from the nose.
So much better than either alone.

Nice and beat groove on the music, but typical suckass current day lyrics.

VIC, 1637 posts
10 Nov 2018 5:55AM
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Boy, did I need that!! Great vid. Skeee, I don't know where you find all these videos, but thanks!

As for driving watching his phone... Nothing scarier than seeing that coming towards you...

VIC, 919 posts
10 Nov 2018 9:13AM
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I wanna backhand that wave ;)

209 posts
10 Nov 2018 10:02AM
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Cool video!

Wish I could find waves like that.


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"Ismail Adarzane - One Camera Different POV SUP film" started by Skeeee