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Keahi de Aboitiz - New Video

Created by Keahi Two weeks ago, 1 Aug 2019
QLD, 834 posts
1 Aug 2019 10:40AM
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Hey guys,

Been a little while between posts, but thought you might like to check this out

I decided to make the journey down south during a nice of swell a few weeks back and ended up scoring some really fun waves. Here's a clip from a couple good days down there. Hope you like it!

VIC, 1317 posts
1 Aug 2019 11:10AM
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Very smooth

VIC, 1206 posts
1 Aug 2019 11:16AM
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like butter and you got it good, thanks for sharing

NT, 280 posts
1 Aug 2019 11:57AM
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Keahi man - getting coned off your noggin'!
Sick lines and good, wholesome hacks - just what the doctor ordered on a Thursday at work. Cheers brus!
Christ, they should warn against checkin the 'Breeze at lunchtime - there goes my productivity for the arvo!


293 posts
1 Aug 2019 11:52AM
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Thank for posting. Great video and smooth style. Every move connects to the next in fluid grace. Beautiful to watch. You look so connected to the wave.


1747 posts
1 Aug 2019 12:19PM
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Love it Keahi!
You are so relaxed, having fun, snapping great lines, smooth power... without the angst of most rippers.
Surfing is life! Yeeeewww!

3310 posts
1 Aug 2019 12:28PM
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Such style, casually radical!

NSW, 89 posts
1 Aug 2019 8:43PM
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Man Keahi, smooth style! Thankyou for the inspirational vid

VIC, 16146 posts
1 Aug 2019 11:36PM
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1392 posts
2 Aug 2019 4:47AM
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Yes, I do like it. Thanks for sharing

28 posts
2 Aug 2019 5:27AM
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Love it. Make those backside turns look effortless! great video / music! Dan O'Sullivan does the best sup videos.

NSW, 463 posts
2 Aug 2019 8:15PM
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Whoa! So nice. Excellent surfing. Awesome. Thanks for the video.

147 posts
2 Aug 2019 10:13PM
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The smoothest! Thanks for posting.

QLD, 691 posts
3 Aug 2019 7:14AM
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Nice, very nice.
I really like how you're carving without the frantic "dog chasing a tennis ball" shortboard thrash.
I can do the bit where you kick the board out and plop your ar5e in the water.
The rest of it not so much......

102 posts
8 Aug 2019 5:27PM
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Tena koe Keahi , awesome and thanks for sharing. I seen you surfing out at sunshine beach one day, years ago busting out airs, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Changed my whole view of SUP surfing, I was hooked after that.


NSW, 166 posts
Monday , 12 Aug 2019 7:59PM
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Epic clip, love the surfing and love the vibe.
Thanks for sharing


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