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Keeping it clean - seat covers

Created by FOT 23 days ago, 26 Feb 2019
WA, 94 posts
26 Feb 2019 6:37AM
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Hi, picking up a new car in a few weeks, and keen to protect the seats so they don't go to ** like my current car seats....

Any recommendations? Like the idea of neoprene, but understand they are not water proof... So how do they go?

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26 Feb 2019 2:15PM
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For my last van, I got tired of the flimsy regular seat covers that you can buy in stores.
So I ordered them in an online (French) shop specialized in professional truck seat covers. The difference is incredible: thick, extra strong, extra durable, stays in place. Well worth the price (around 120 AUD for one).

I also have the neoprene temporary seat cover that surf brands sells, such as handy and waterproof enough for a quick change of spot mid-session. Try to dry yourself as much as possible with a towel before, salt water on the floor will make things rust quite fast. I would not use them for regular use however: they are not fixed, and you would sweat a lot.

TAS, 910 posts
26 Feb 2019 6:04PM
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Ocean & earth do some, but I have never used then.

VIC, 16077 posts
26 Feb 2019 7:16PM
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I've used the WetSeat neoprene seat covers and thought they were great.

WA, 3139 posts
26 Feb 2019 4:27PM
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I didn't like the neoprene covers, not good for the WA summer, you sweat heaps.

I've taken them off.

NSW, 68 posts
26 Feb 2019 8:41PM
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Black Duck Denim.

QLD, 238 posts
26 Feb 2019 8:16PM
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I use the kings heavy duty seats in my nav. They seem pretty solid for the price.

I had some exspensive neoprene seat covers before that and they ended up tearing around the seam I think they were black swan or blackduck something like that?

VIC, 283 posts
27 Feb 2019 12:19AM
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I have the o+e waterproof ones...

great for me as I drive a company car and they keep the seats dry and wet dog fur off the seats...

Can be a little hot on long days in the car, but they are super easy to take on and off...

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27 Feb 2019 12:32AM
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Just check the air bag configuration on your car / seat as we have had issues where I work,especially with the curtain bag from the side of the drivers seat. We use heavy duty canvas style which are waterproof but expensive

VIC, 1275 posts
27 Feb 2019 9:54AM
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Save your $ and just get changed

NT, 157 posts
27 Feb 2019 9:42PM
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Right on micksmith ,
Change poncho,
throw in 4x4 deep tub floor mats in footwell , laughing

WA, 4510 posts
27 Feb 2019 8:50PM
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Not cheap but I have had them in my cruiser for 10 years and they look new

WA, 497 posts
27 Feb 2019 10:05PM
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Ocean and earth ones are great, waterproof and well priced

NSW, 1246 posts
28 Feb 2019 11:53PM
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ION do a great cover that you throw on the seat after a surf or downwinder. I can drive home in the wetsuit if needed and the seats are fine.

WA, 40 posts
1 Mar 2019 4:24PM
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Grab a hoodie towel... cheaper , easy to change under , no hot sweaty seats

VIC, 4102 posts
4 Mar 2019 2:41PM
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On the rare occasions I have jumped in the car in a wet wetsuit, a well place towel has worked fine to keep the seat dry. The worst part was sand and salt water dripping off my legs onto the floor mats.

I generally just get changed. If the weather's really bad I might pull the wetsuit off and drive home in my towel poncho thing.

I first had cars in the sheepskin car seat cover days of the 70's and 80's. I found the seat cover did more damage to the upholstery than having no covers. The covers scrunched the foam in the seats and the seams in the sheepskin marked the upholstery.

My current car has leather upholstery and dragging boards over the leather can cause scuffing and scratching. It's easy enough to stop with well placed towels and a good, snug fitting board cover, and not being slack about lifting stuff into the car. The bound edges on board covers marks the leather. I could be tempted to try a seat cover on the back seat that gets all the wear and tear from stuff being dragged over it.

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4 Mar 2019 3:04PM
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Quality seat covers (the ones made for various professional drivers) are thick and stiff, so they do not move against the original seat and thus do not chafe and damage it. Look for them at companies only doing seat covers.


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