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Lake Kawana 18/5/13

Created by RJK > 9 months ago, 18 May 2013
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18 May 2013 9:52PM
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Great times on thursday!! Sick little battle up the front between Stevo, Lincoln, Trevor and Myself. All equal 99% of the way. Great having battles like that pushes everyone so much harder!!!

Great times from Brendan (only 1min behind the leaders), DI who killed her PB, Mike for his first paddle and Trent who also smashed it out!!!

Cheers Guys till next week!!!!

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19 May 2013 8:00AM
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Thanks Rhino. . theres a good mix of craft up front, shows the variety of boards that can get along at a good clip..


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"Lake Kawana 18/5/13" started by RJK