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M20 Results..Great day for the Aussies

Created by Jimmy Lewis Boards Two weeks ago, 29 Jul 2019
29 Jul 2019 4:23PM
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Huge day in Hawaii with Kai Lenny pumping his way past Jeffrey Spencer to take the win in another record time 2hrs 29minutes & having done 2 M2O's the head wind into the last couple of km's is hell on a raceboard let alone trying to pump into it...
SupTomo had a shark encounter mid way into the race with the shark attacking his foil :(
Huge Congratulations to James Casey with an emotional win just beating Boothy & another amazing win for Terene taking out her 3rd M2O & in record time...
Huge day on Maui with the national Slalom windsurfing titles but the highlight of the day was the first ever Wind Wing Foil event & watching legends of the sport Robbie Naish & Alex Aguera battling it out around the course... I've got a new appreciation of this new sport & the speeds they were doing...Good to see the boys from Surf Fx there too...

VIC, 1206 posts
29 Jul 2019 4:42PM
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the place to be and watch these great sports people onthe wind and riding bumps galore

QLD, 5486 posts
30 Jul 2019 8:40AM
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Nice update Rob & saw the vision on the wing races that looked epic . Got anymore info on Sup Tomo did he finish the race , was his foil damaged.

Gofoil Australia
NSW, 74 posts
30 Jul 2019 12:17PM
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Hi Piros, SupTomo finished the race & the run-in with the man in the grey suit slowed him down by 10 minutes but at least he gets to foil another day :)


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"M20 Results..Great day for the Aussies" started by Jimmy Lewis Boards