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Merry Christmas Sunrise

Created by supthecreek 31 days ago, 25 Dec 2019
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25 Dec 2019 10:21PM
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A tad late for my friends in OZ...
but hey... it's Christmas morning in New England

VIC, 62 posts
26 Dec 2019 8:44AM
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Merry Christmas Rick, hope you and the rest of the crew on here have a wave filled New Year!

NT, 346 posts
28 Dec 2019 10:01PM
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Yep - merry Christmas Creeky!
Hope 2020 brings you stacked lines, and you continue to carve hard and lay it on rail!
Looking forward to hearing about the new Genration boards too.
Keep rippin' fella!


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"Merry Christmas Sunrise" started by supthecreek