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SPSC OPEN Surf Comp This Sunday (Feb 10)

Created by tracikay 7 months ago, 4 Feb 2019
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4 Feb 2019 2:22PM
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SPSC's first OPEN Surf Comp is finally here. (We sadly had to cancel the October one).

February 10, 2018 at Palm Beach.
Arrive 7am - First Heat 7:45
All ages & skills are welcome! Any Board length is allowed.

There will be food and water provided on the day, included in entry/membership fee.

Everyone's welcome so please tell all your friends and family to come along. Get along to have some fun and earn those much needed points to the end of year tally. (OPEN #2 is scheduled for March and OPEN #3 is May)

2018-19 Fees
- $90 Full SPSC membership ($25 for juniors) includes free entry
- $35 one-off fees per competition for non-members ($10 for juniors)

Online Registration is open. We already have 18 registrations in. Get your enter in now:

(sorry! I accidentally posted in the wrong category the first time)


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"SPSC OPEN Surf Comp This Sunday (Feb 10)" started by tracikay