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SPSC - Virtual SUP/Foil Surf Comp #1 - #iso challenge

Created by JB 25 days ago, 8 May 2020
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8 May 2020 12:15PM
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Excited to share that SPSC has launched their first Surf comp since the world went #iso .

We've been working with the legends at Clippero with their awesome lockdown comp format to bring you the first SUP VR surf comp of the season.

Welcome to the first virtual online and SPSC Surf challenge. In tough times, it is important that we keep our gills wet as much as ever. And I think we are all missing catching up with friends, showcasing our skills and the awesome fun at our SPSC Surf events.

So here is the next best thing!!!As a SPSC member you are invited to partake in our first (of many hopefully) Virtual Surf Events. Entry to these events is FREE For SPSC Members!

The rules are pretty simple. Visit , select your category, upload your wave(s) by the deadline, sit back and watch everyone surf, judge and get judged. It's really that simple.

You do have to create a clippero account, (but that is free), We have created several categories:
Open Foil Surf (yes you read that right, we have introduced foiling with our Virtual Series)
10'+ SUP Surf - Open Womens
10'+ SUP Surf - Open Mens
Open SUP Surf - Juniors
Open SUP Surf - Open Womens
Open SUP Surf - Open Mens

Inline with the comp that was set to take place May 17, the event upload period for our first comp(s), will end on Sunday the 17th May at 3pm (AEST).

You can upload 3 waves per division to be scored with the top 2 scores going towards your event total and relative placement against your division peers. Maximum of 1 linkup (i.e. 2 actual waves) per entry for foilers.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be judged on your videos presentation, editing or music. Footage from your phone, camera or camcorder is perfectly acceptable, we are only judging your awesome performance. Please keep file sizes to a minimum by only uploading basic captures of your ride(s)

Judges will be selected by the SPSC commissioner and remain secret to avoid bribes, bias and pressures from riders.Your scores and ranking will be used by the SPSC #iso SUP Surf challenge leaderboard.

As our first event, please be patient as we work out the runnings of this awesome system by Clippero.

We look forward to seeing your entries.Thanks to Naish Australia and the SPSC Committee on setting these up for SPSC members.

Ride safe,



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