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SUP inflatable repairs

Created by hershy 2 months ago, 31 Oct 2018
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31 Oct 2018 7:31AM
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Can anyone recommend an inflatable SUP repairer on the Northern Beaches Sydney?
And is it even worth bothering?

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31 Oct 2018 8:10PM
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Sorry I can't help.. but yes (it's worth bothering). . Friends here have had some successful repairs done.

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1 Nov 2018 3:48AM
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Yes it is worth it. I have found after gluing and while glue is drying you need to clamp it together. Check out sealairrepairs on Instagram for examples of how they do it. Totally works. Buy the glue they recommend also. I have done 2 boards.

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1 Nov 2018 10:35AM
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Speaking from experience patching whitewater rafts which are of a similar construction you need to find out what material the SUP is made from, presumably it is PVC and get the right patch kit. For raft patching the back of an old spoon makes a good tool for really smoothing down the patch once you apply it. Make sure you round off the corners of the patch as well to help stop it lifting

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2 Nov 2018 10:46PM
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Hi Will, we've had some good success with getting boards back on the water if you want to drop by the shop. Easy to assess how successful it'll be by looking at the board.


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