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South Bali, Right Handers

Created by Rossall 1 month ago, 1 Jan 2024
WA, 690 posts
1 Jan 2024 2:28PM
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Just a bit of research for a trip in March and usually head out to Lombok but thought I would try something different.
anyone been to Gunung Pajung and Green Room on the south coast of Bali. Looks good all year around and not tidal reliant
also any good hotel recommendations????

WA, 17 posts
4 Jan 2024 1:13PM
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Surfed Green room (previously Green Ball) in '95 or '96 took about 3 hours bush bashing on scooters to find it plus fairly neckt scramble down the cliff, good mellow wave but needs smallish swell.

TAS, 7171 posts
4 Jan 2024 5:23PM
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Was there in February heaps of waves. Hotels are exy over that side.

VIC, 88 posts
6 Jan 2024 12:18AM
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Wind on the Payung side is usually onshore from about April to October. I go in September most years to fly my paraglider at Payung. Some days I see guys surfing out there. But they don't seem to have much luck, it's just an outer reef, with no real channels to surf. So it's just mainly a waves closing out on the reef.
Green Ball had a channel they surf each side of. Also a channel out front of Timbis paragliding site that works sometimes for surfing.


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"South Bali, Right Handers" started by Rossall