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Southern Cross SUP Festival BOP Race - pics

Created by PTWoody > 9 months ago, 25 May 2012
VIC, 3977 posts
25 May 2012 6:24PM
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Great race today - Kelly Margetts won ahead of Beau O'Brien, Steve Morrison and Andy Davies. Terrene won the women's. Didn't quite catch the top places in the Over 40's but hopefully someone will fill in the gaps.

Here's some great photos from Camo...

VIC, 3977 posts
25 May 2012 6:29PM
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VIC, 3977 posts
25 May 2012 6:32PM
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QLD, 602 posts
25 May 2012 6:34PM
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nice work kelly!!!

angie pangi
QLD, 1754 posts
25 May 2012 6:54PM
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Well done to all! Looked like a great turn out. Great job by Molly Walker A new naish team rider on 2nd in women's today!! She is getting better and better. Congrats to every paddler. X

VIC, 3977 posts
25 May 2012 6:56PM
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Just saw an extended package on TEN News from today's surfing - great job Surfing NSW to get this coverage.

NSW, 1502 posts
25 May 2012 7:11PM
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Thanks for the shots.

How's the boards flying every which way in the early shots.

Is Andy Davies not sponsored by Naish any more ?

Thanks for sharing.

QLD, 4789 posts
25 May 2012 7:14PM
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Great pics thanks for that , good to see the water police backing it . What's the story with the guy in the water with the red noodle ?

NSW, 2 posts
25 May 2012 7:31PM
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Thanks Surfing NSW for putting on such a great event over the past two days. The vibe has been fantastic, can't wait for the next one.....maybe instead of the red noodle a safety cone on the head might look better!!!! GO RICHARD

NSW, 149 posts
25 May 2012 7:34PM
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awesome day , well done to all involved & great SUP Stoke on the chilly hillside .. woo hoo..

NSW, 1079 posts
25 May 2012 7:43PM
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Looked like fun, well done guys. Good to see Steve and Andy up there :)

NSW, 2151 posts
25 May 2012 9:27PM
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Best event yet even with the so so surf, such a professionally run event with the commentary, scores read out while you are in your heat.

The BOP was the most fun sup comp type thing I have ever done (first one) no wonder everyone raves about them.

Hey Pete, Kissa won the O40s, I got 2nd, Noel third. Great to see all the QLD crew who came down for it.

NSW, 210 posts
26 May 2012 3:55PM
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Excellent pics. Looked like a good dose of carnage was had by all

How good is Stoksey's cutback on the Fanatic!


laceys lane
QLD, 16758 posts
26 May 2012 4:02PM
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i can't believe kelly even raced. he was so sick with flu during the week if he was a dog you would have put him down.

awesome effort

NSW, 49 posts
26 May 2012 7:19PM
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Fantastic event to watch, equally as much fun as last year's!
Dogman, trips on his leggie and was last into the water. After the carnage half way through the first lap he comes through on a wave in the harbour bridge stance into 3rd around the turn, classic. Great racing by all the leaders too!

NSW, 1208 posts
26 May 2012 7:22PM
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Congratulations to Surfing NSW. Thanks for listening to the competitors. Today's downwinder was unbelievable. How strong was that wind?!?! Well done to the guys up front . Hopefully someone got some photos.

NSW, 408 posts
26 May 2012 11:30PM
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Sorry these suckers are a little late..... a couple of pics from the BOP... all of the warm up.....

Stokesy still buzzing from the night before

Casso practicing his starts

The Dogman seeing a lip he wants to smack

Steve Morrison getting the feel for waves

The trademarked Casso 'Playback' cutty

The new face of 'Mugatu', Andrew Cassidy

Noel Graham cruising along on a Deep

NSW, 3351 posts
27 May 2012 8:25AM
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Epic shots guys. Yeeew - so much fun ... but not as much fun as the downwinder the next day!

4214 posts
27 May 2012 9:05AM
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Re: The poor bloke holding the noodle.
Can somebody give him a crash helmet and chest plate.
Drawing the short straw or what ?

NSW, 369 posts
28 May 2012 8:40AM
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Scotty88 said...

Re: The poor bloke holding the noodle.
Can somebody give him a crash helmet and chest plate.
Drawing the short straw or what ?

Richard! He doesn't need body armer have you seen that head! Every time you passed him he had the biggest chesseezy grin on him hahah


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