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Starboard Widepoint or Fanatic Stubby

Created by eran 7 months ago, 5 Jul 2018
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5 Jul 2018 1:51PM
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I am considering buying new SUP. I have two options now: Starboard Widepoint or Fanatic Stubby. both are 8'10".
The weight is ok. I have Fanatic AllWave Pure which I manage to ride waves for the past half a year (0.3 feet).
Now I want to switch SUP. Which one of the two considered to be better?


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5 Jul 2018 6:26PM
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The Widepoint gets my vote because you'll catch the waves earlier and have more glide.

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5 Jul 2018 9:50PM
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My first real board was a widepoint, and my friend has learned on the same widepoint. It has a great shape and turns pretty well. I don't have any knowledge/experience with the Stubby...but as David said, the tommo (flat nose) shape of the stubby probably means that it will not have the glide of the widepoint. I have a "minion" which is a "similar" shape to the stubby. It was a ton of fun - it provided good buoyancy for its smaller length, but if they are the same length I would expect the widepoint to be a less stable but much more fun board.

What do you weigh? Why do you want to change? What is it that you hope the new board will do for you?

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5 Jul 2018 8:23PM
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my weight is 72Kg. I want to enter into wave surfing. This is my second year using SUP. I currently have Fanatic AllWave Pure 9' (160Lt).
The point is that the Fanatic has 130Lt and the Starboard has 143Lt on same length.

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5 Jul 2018 11:55PM
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Eran I have a starboard and the boards are great and well constructed, Starboard however are somewhat of a premium over here in Australia,
and the fanatic seem to be cheaper for some reason. I love my starboard but it was double the price of my naish and one of the most expensive boards on the market. If you have been riding waves for a year then why not try some sunova boards as they seem to cover more of a wider range of wave boards from surf board style to stubby style boards. After a year you are more up to the demo stage where you approach a dealer and say hey can I demo a few boards for a week as Ive been sup surfing for a year now. Or you could attend an event near you with lots of boards for loan.
I also like the SMIK boards from WA, oh and if you buy the starboard save a few bucks and get the carbon model its worth it.

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6 Jul 2018 3:25AM
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One of my mates has a Stubby (8'8) and I've had a go on it. I'm a fan of the tomo shape for crumble and onshore stuff, if this is your break(s) then I'd say at least keep it in the loop choice. However, it feels a bit "stiff" hard to explain. It turns but doesn't want to move much unless you are quite aggressive with it. So, for ease of use I'd be sticking with a "trad" shape like your wide point option.



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