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Created by Hawaiiheke 8 months ago, 20 Jun 2018
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20 Jun 2018 4:52PM
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I'm going to be in and around Stockholm for a couple of weeks next month.

Looks like the place is overflowing with paddling territory.

Aside from what can be Googled on the interweb, does anyone have any intel on 12' / 14' race board hire for doing some distance paddling?

It it all looks very iSUP and surf-style board oriented from what I can tell!

Thanks in advance!

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21 Jun 2018 2:22AM
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I'd would imagine that your best bet is to check with some of the Swedish racers or retailers. Try and post a request in the Facebook group or send them a message. I live in one of the neighbouring countries so I don't have any specifics. Hope this helps.

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21 Jun 2018 2:31PM
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@Hawaiiheke I migth be able to help yo get in to contact with a few of the swedish crew, are you on facebook?
Neith is australian ,living in sweden, try sending her a message :

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21 Jun 2018 6:24PM
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Swedish people all speak excellent English, I would google translate the swedish pages and contact the european board suppliers. I think there is also an English sup magazine that would be worth contacting. Sweden should have some amazing SUP and you could potentially sup for days at a time in summer. Enjoy!!!! They usually party all summer though. My sister studied at Uppsula University. Heard the parties are great and make sure the bod is tight as they like to hit the spa alfresco style.

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23 Jun 2018 6:52PM
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They rent all type of boards.


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