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Vico Nationals 13 beach

Created by pgc A week ago, 20 Mar 2017
VIC, 728 posts
20 Mar 2017 11:40AM
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Great Day had by all. Here is a taste.

VIC, 1030 posts
21 Mar 2017 6:35AM
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OK you've given us a taste now give us the main meal Sean. The final of the mens open was a cracker, shame we haven't got it on video or have we? What a fun day

VIC, 344 posts
21 Mar 2017 10:50AM
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good event and a nice weekend to paddle!

VIC, 98 posts
21 Mar 2017 5:31PM
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Great shots but having too much fun here to make it,keep up the good work lads


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"Vico Nationals 13 beach" started by pgc