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WHITEWATER SUP.. any members doing it?

Created by rangergreene 1 month ago, 12 Feb 2019
QLD, 5 posts
12 Feb 2019 1:36PM
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Just curious to see who else is running rivers on SUP's, a handful of us in Nrth Qld are doing so, anyone else?

VIC, 1736 posts
13 Feb 2019 1:20PM
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Would you take a gopro with you next time - I would love to see what that's like. I would love to do it but don't know of an appropriate river in vicco. Do you often break fins on crocs or rocks?

VIC, 16077 posts
13 Feb 2019 6:33PM
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Yeah.. there's a bit going on down here..


VIC, 65 posts
13 Feb 2019 10:37PM
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This is the Yarra upstream around Warrandyte.


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"WHITEWATER SUP.. any members doing it?" started by rangergreene