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recent trip to maldives

Created by thingsyado 6 months ago, 3 Sep 2018
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3 Sep 2018 8:40PM
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Just got back from a recent trip to the Maldives (August 16 to 27)
with a group of mates and my better half.
We traveled thru the central atolls aboard a beautiful boat
called the Theia organized by Atoll Travel
there was 10 of us all up (5 suppers, 5 prone surfers ) plus crew and our surf guide (Fayani)
boards taken on trip are sunova 8.5 speeed x2, 8.3 ecs mckee turbo and an older 8.6 JP Fusion
wave sizes ranged from waist high to overhead some glassy days some bumpy days but never to much wind
got to surf everyday bar one as we moved breaks but our experienced captain motored thru the night generally
breaks surfed were machines, rip tides, mauroof or zucchinis think it was called, F1 and quarters just to name a few
i know there is a lot of pics here but what the hey didn't no how to post a video

WA, 42 posts
3 Sep 2018 9:36PM
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Great waves and shots Mr Things...
Cheers for sharing

WA, 215 posts
3 Sep 2018 9:44PM
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Fantastic looking conditions, so clean!
Some really nice pics

64 posts
4 Sep 2018 3:39AM
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Thas is a good definition a surf trip, you have what you deserve and pay... nice picture.... great time ....


VIC, 1275 posts
4 Sep 2018 5:59AM
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Nice shots there yado

2837 posts
4 Sep 2018 5:58AM
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You scored big time ...great shots ...

SA, 97 posts
4 Sep 2018 9:57AM
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You definitely scored, was the the week before, had 1 glassy day at Machines, the rest of the trip had to deal with wind. Ended up back around Male at Jails & Suntans, sharing with 40 to 50 others, and a boat load of Brazilians.

1682 posts
4 Sep 2018 9:12AM
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Well, as thingsyado.... that was a good one

Love the pics, waves and surfing. Well done!

VIC, 127 posts
4 Sep 2018 12:20PM
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Nice pics ! Now back to 11 degree water temp ! shock horror

NSW, 230 posts
4 Sep 2018 4:44PM
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What a stunning trip!! Cracking waves and awesome conditions....

Very cool!

VIC, 1738 posts
4 Sep 2018 11:16PM
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Fantastic! You sure got lucky with the conditions! Nice shots! Nice surfing!!

NSW, 71 posts
5 Sep 2018 8:58PM
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Dream trip...great shots thanks for posting

VIC, 131 posts
19 Sep 2018 6:50PM
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Ripping trip thingsyado.Whos the old bloke riding that old Fusion?

VIC, 131 posts
6 Mar 2019 8:58PM
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Had to revisit these memories after watching again

WA, 945 posts
6 Mar 2019 6:58PM
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Bloody awesome

NSW, 142 posts
7 Mar 2019 8:51PM
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