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Hipsters and legropes

Created by rune Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019
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Wednesday , 17 Apr 2019 9:54PM
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I know it's been talked about before, but here goes.
I'm from Perth and at Cottesloe is a break called Isolated (Isolators or ISO's)
This has become hipster party wave central and a lot of not very good surfers seeking that authentic retro experience of no legrope. I don't care about whether these people hurt themselves or wreck their authentic boards but have some regard for other people (go Byron Bay council).

Anyway, called out a young guy, hipster as all fxxx. Said you must be the best surfer in the world. "What?"
You're not wearing a legrope, wear alegrope.

Well like all of us, he didn't enjoy being called out. What followed was a tirade of "you wanna have a go, come out here and I'll take all your waves and you fat old bastard (like this is news to me, except for my parentage).

Should we call out these people or just "mind our own business".

By the way spoke to a lot of older surfers about this and all agree, use a legrope.

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Thursday , 18 Apr 2019 6:14AM
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Old saying " You can't put brains in sheep "
Unless you're a 120kg macho just stay out of their way and if a loose board comes your way then vent your anger..imo.

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Thursday , 18 Apr 2019 6:00AM
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About 2 score ago was the last time is surfed iso it is a lovely shaped wave for Malibu riding.
There is simply too many humans who surf there now.
they are like a rash
like seagulls on a chip or flys in a poo.

hipsters are generally assholes , assholes in life and assholes in the water.

wear a leash., if I'm surfing and particularly if there is grommets around I will say something.

I will say something if you snake , I will say something if you drop in, I will say something if you don't have a leash and we are surfing Perth with 20 people out and another 10 grommets ( grommets are not human however we still don't want a stray 8 foot board hitting them)

I don't normally surf on weekends, and I do not drop in on people.....

last saturday whilst surfing trigg ( not bad around head height)

I paddled out and sat away from the pack a bit as I was riding a 9,4 mal.
a set came through I took off bottom turned and ducked in, a young man on a shortboard dropped in deliberately,,,, now saying young he was likely 30-35 I'm like just under 40

Anyway I made it around the section he crumbled and we found ourselves on the inside half a metre away from each other.

I said to him didn't you see me???

He said and i quote" you weren't going to make it"

I replied well I did even after you crushed the lip and dropped in ,,,, he said **** you longboarding ****......

( ten years ago at this point I would of choked him out)

however in the interest of returning the favour i said I said nothing further and smiled and paddled back out.....

Around 5-10 minutes later a set appeared, this guy was in pole position and it was a screamer, I was a metre away towards the shoulder,,,, I turned ,,, made eye contact smiled and dropped in,,,, he straightened out I got tubed and came out...

It was the first deliberate drop in I have done in several years and it felt good,,, I was high on it..

It was the wrong thing to do however I didn't care, I was out for blood and willing to drop all decorum......

The people who ride boards without leashes need to be cautious as it's all good to lip off but I reckon over 50% of people I surf with will have a similar response that I do when I get dropped in on as being hit by a stray board.

When I was a kid I seen someone get their fin kicked out for not wearing a leash when their board decimated the line up....


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