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A bit of info

Created by vandah 2 months ago, 21 Sep 2019
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21 Sep 2019 4:18AM
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looking for some info on Barney, Amazing Grace surfboards.
A bloke gave this to me, It's a sweet board, I'd like to know a bit history behind it.

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21 Sep 2019 10:01AM
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Andrew "Barney" barnard
he started amazing grace boards, only ever seen a couple in west oz, the tassie boys might know more.

nice looking shape, I don't think there rare, if your on Facebook put it up on vintage surfboard collectors there's a lot of Vicco and tassie lads that may know who you can talk to for era etc etc.
id say it's a late 80,s board or possible 90,s

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21 Sep 2019 1:26PM
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Cheers Razz.
I've surfed it a couple of times, pretty washy boards, really have to adjust the way you surf them from modern boards, super thick rails and volume galore, dig those rails in and she's not too forgiving.

Buster fin
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21 Sep 2019 5:46PM
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Ah yes, the speed channels. Garbage. 1985. Not that one per se. Just the whole principal in hindsight.

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9 Nov 2019 6:30PM
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9 Nov 2019 5:47PM
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riverider said..

That's an awesome pic. I always wanted one of those babies (the pv not the boards - never heard of them before this post).

And that factory takes me back to the 80s Gero version. Aaah good times...the ones I remember anyway

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10 Nov 2019 9:28AM
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Its pretty similar to this board apart from the tail.

^^That is a great piccy


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