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Firewire seaside sizing

Created by Windyluke1 > 9 months ago, 12 Jan 2023
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12 Jan 2023 10:25AM
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Hi internet surfers,

im looking at the seasides, can anyone give first hand input for sizing.

im 75-80kg intermediate (low end) I pick up most waves and get a few turns in, nuthing special.
I have been riding a 6"2 37L if the waves are nice I pick up waves easily enough, if its abit choppy or strong east it's another story.
im thinking to go the 5'10 seaside at 39L im convinced the extra L will help wave count in most situations, only thing is the duck dive.
my current 6"2 37L is not the easiest but manageable, im wondering if a couple extra L with the seaside will make it un manageable. Or, will less length of the seaside cancel out the extra L- In terms of keeping in manageable for ducking.

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24 Jan 2023 5:37PM
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Im about 80kg and 62y/o and have no problem duck diving a 6'4 45litre Cali Twin,if you have dramas try dropping one rail in first so your board is going under more rail first, less surface area to sink then flatten out once you're under for the trip back to surface

VIC, 1467 posts
24 Jan 2023 10:57PM
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I have a 6'1" Seaside I'm about 90kg I think, but also use a Sunday 7'3" midlength so after using that a lot the Seaside feels like a skateboard and much easier to duckdive but harder to paddle. Depends on the kind of waves also, seaside better in peaky beachbreaks.

Go the bigger size get more waves, esp if you're a weekend warrior


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