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Hot Week

Created by beastsurf > 9 months ago, 26 Feb 2023
WA, 902 posts
26 Feb 2023 9:28AM
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Summer settling in next week on the west coast. Winter seems very far away at the moment. Might have to take up bike riding or similar old man hobby.......................

WA, 2519 posts
26 Feb 2023 2:19PM
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Haha! I went for a bike ride yesterday, and a swim today... no surf this week! :(

Fred Rubble
WA, 95 posts
27 Feb 2023 2:35PM
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Living the life of a non surfer being in Perth.
It's actually not bad doing other activities and not worrying about surfing half ft backwash closeouts with a small army
And who voted against a wave pool


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"Hot Week" started by beastsurf