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Raglan surf report vs online coaching

Created by Froth Goth 8 months ago, 16 Jun 2023
Froth Goth
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16 Jun 2023 11:48AM
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I like raglan surf report but i am constantly feeling personally attacked about my cardboard slideing and teacup passing

Ive been smoking a bit more weed to compensate for my poor flat cutbacks an im starting to think maybe my online coaching clinics are also mocking me.

Is anyone else feeling a bit silly by rolling on pieces of wood while makeing whooshy whooshy noises with your palms and pinky extensions going wild?

Did i join a cult ?

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16 Jun 2023 1:51PM
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Maybe give the devils cabbage bit of rest brother!


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"Raglan surf report vs online coaching" started by Froth Goth