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Restoring an old mal

Created by farNT > 9 months ago, 30 Oct 2022
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30 Oct 2022 2:14PM
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Is there any board repairers out there that can give me a bit of advice please ..
I scored an old 10 ft 70's mal off the classifieds that is pretty beaten up with a sunken rail about 20 mm deep and about 3 foot long . also it has Chunks out of it all over the place ., so far I have sanded the whole board down to the weave filled all the chunks with filler and started to fill the sunken rail (ran out of resin and waiting for another litre to arrive .. so my next step is to finish the rail and then I was just going to run a piece of 6 oz Cloth over the whole board and re glass instead of glassing every repair ., what I want to know is do u think it will be to heavy and I should have just removed the old glass ,filled the damaged blank and then re glass..
No I have never glassed a board before but I'm keen to have a crack ..
cheers ..

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30 Oct 2022 6:00PM
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I am only a backyarder but have done same as you plan to do only the once repairing an old 80 s 6 foot twin fin - looked great but for me mine came out too heavy . Since then I have only repaired and glassed as needed - rebuilt about 10 doing using method . have had 2 boards done by professional board repairers - one being my old 70 s single fin - both had the fibreglass stripped and replaced .

great thing with old boards if you aren't happy with the job - sand back and go again


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18 Nov 2022 3:30PM
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In the good OLD days when the only boards were like you have, they mostly got water stained from unfixed dings.

So the solution was a " re-resin" which is a gloss coat thats pigmented.

I have a project to start after XMAS, 1/sanding to the weave
2/making all surfaces flush and sealed
3/ paint the pigmented resin on the board

After that you can cut and polish for a nice look but I'll just do a light wet and dry starting with 400 and go and surf it.


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"Restoring an old mal" started by farNT