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Surfing Australia building update

Created by Fred Rubble > 9 months ago, 17 Mar 2023
Fred Rubble
WA, 95 posts
17 Mar 2023 4:17PM
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Update on the original thread.
Not sure who it's benefiting from the new green concrete structure except for the people who are receiving the coin from the hordes of kooks signing up for a surf lesson. Non stop buses of them
Take care of the buses who like to pull out without looking and taking up half the parking spaces.
Kooks off the bus to swipe here then sign there
Once down on the beach there's a group of drill Sargents laying claim to a thatch of sand and presumably the waves out front then going to town on their whistles like it's seal training camp.
It felt like I was on the movie set of full metal jacket
Don't forget the ear muffs next time your surfing Trigg
I don't mind people learning to surf but this seems like the full surfing production line.
Should I say the Surfing Australia Mcsurf school
Head down for the full experience

WA, 2519 posts
18 Mar 2023 11:41AM
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I agree. Had a Friday off two weeks ago, and although the surf was small and average, it was a nice day so I decided to get wet and roll the shoulders around 2nd car park... Thought I'd wait until 8:00am and let all the before work crew finish up... At the time there was only one other person out. No sooner had I hit the water four groups of about 10 learners came down and went straight in front and essentially 'claimed' a 100m stretch. Although they were in close to the shore, the swell was small and the end of the waves were running in to where they were. I ended up walking 500m down the beach to find some space. Between the clubbies putting up the swimmers flags and the learners the best waves were going to waste... so frustrating when there are so few options.

[no complaints about learners - but the instructors could walk them 200m North and get the waves at 1st carpark when all they are doing is getting the white water].


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