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Wanting a rough evaluation on a board

Created by oldiebutagoodie > 9 months ago, 2 Jan 2023
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2 Jan 2023 6:55AM
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Have inherited my dads old Roar board and im pretty sure its 70's- 80s roughly (cant post pics sadly) its a Wayne Linch board and has been glassed by Peter Cishley and has 7'6" x 19" W.L. and what looks like a fish (O and backwards D) and then 192 blue underneath and yellow on top

Anyone that has abit of an idea about old board prices im happy to send pics in private msg if that helps.

Just want to know if I should ride it or restore and display it


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16 Jan 2023 1:43PM
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Older boards tend to increase in value once the shaper has passed...Al Byrne, MP, Dick Brewer for example have all gone up significantly in value since their passing, particularly if their signature is on the blank. Fortunately Wayne Lynch is still with us so probably around $500 tops without seeing it or knowing condition.

WA, 902 posts
24 Jan 2023 5:26PM
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If it was my Dad's board I would restore it and ride it. Keep if forever. It will be worth more to you I would imagine than anyone else.


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"Wanting a rough evaluation on a board" started by oldiebutagoodie