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New AFS 1000R Foil - Awesome

Created by berowne 1 month ago, 6 Apr 2019
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6 Apr 2019 9:00PM
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The brand new AFS 1000R Race foils have just landed in Australia, fitting the 105cm mast and relatively short 88cm fuselage.

Today was my first session with it (big thanks to Remi @ WindsurfingShed for importing them).
TLDR, the new AFS 1000mm foil is AWESOME!

The foil is intricate, very high aspect design, with little winglets, and a razorblade thin tail foil.
Riding the foil for my first time on a 95cm wide board, I found the flight to be very balanced, accelerating quickly and with stability, without much fore/aft rebalance required.

One of my first runs was 18kts in about 9 kts of wind! Mind you, it took a fair bit of effort to pump up onto the plane (with my inexperience). GPS Post here:
Max speed for the day was 20kts, and there is more available. I was impressed for my first day out! Super stable on all points of sail!

Today I tested the gear near the runway at Kyeemagh, NSW, riding on an iSonic Foil 147 board (note the 80-odd tail width is too narrow for maximum drive upwind!), TR16 9.3 (Massive Lift!), AFS 105 mast and brand new 1000mm foil.

Below, showing how happy I was after my first session on the new toy!

Intricate foil shape with winglets. Long, wide, thin and razor sharp aft foil.

Full Rig

Comparison of 1000R and 800R Foils both on 105 masts. Sorry about the shadows.

Wind felt like 6-16kts between about 4 and 6 pm.

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6 Apr 2019 9:31PM
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Great report. As I mentioned elsewhere, efficient wings/foils don't need the raw cm2 to work in light wind. I have a somewhat similar wing (not quite as high aspect) and, like you, the acceleration in light wind once you are out of the water is breathtaking.

Your smile says a lot! Glad you enjoyed it.

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7 Apr 2019 8:57AM
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7 Apr 2019 9:45AM
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How big is the stab?
Quite a high aspect profile apparently.

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10 Apr 2019 3:58PM
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AFS R1000 Wing

Construction: Full Carbon Prepreg T700 + UHM M46J.
Recommanded set : Stab V2 / Stab V3

Span : 1000mm
Area : 800cm2
Rider's level : Expert
Wind range ; 6-20 knts

AFS Stabilizer-v3

Construction: Monolithic technology. Full Carbon Prepreg T700 + UHM M46J
Recommended set : R-750 / R-800 / R-1000
Width : 680mm
Surface : 311cm2
Wind range : 6-20 knts


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