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Slingshot fuselange position

Created by FacPrime 1 month ago, 9 Apr 2019
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9 Apr 2019 1:23PM
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which position on SS fuselage (A, B or C) do you use with which front wing and what are your observations how the selection of position influences behaviour of the flight?

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9 Apr 2019 10:48PM
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The longer the distance between the wing and the stab will affect the stability. Since Slingshot is a popular platform and used on many boards other than their own, the adjustability to find the right balance point between the front and rear feet also come into play. Larger wings will provide more lift at higher speeds, so the ability to adjust it back in higher winds will help balance the lift vs control.

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10 Apr 2019 2:16PM
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Hi IE, thanks for the answer, but it is just theoretical for all foils. I would like to know some settings from users that actually use SS foils and what did they find.
PS: I just find some answers in SS HG 84 test topic :).

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10 Apr 2019 3:02PM
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Fuselage position A has the least lift - C has the most lift (wing is more forward).

We use B for the Infinity 76 wing.

C or B for the Time Code 68 wing.
C has a little more stability through the gybes, but probably more lift than you want when accelerating down a swell.

C for the Infinity 84 wing.

I've tried A with the 76, but the wing sits too far back and it's hard to lift (for wind foiling). SUPs use this position.

It's a bonus of the Slingshot HoverGlide that it has this ability to tune and use a Tuttle box foil mount

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11 Apr 2019 6:34AM
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Hey there, good question. I run my 76 on "B" and it's perfect for me. I just bought the warp speed "62" and tried it yesterday and couldn't find the right settings. If anyone has one do you change the fuselage position ?

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15 Apr 2019 11:46PM
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The main point is to get the front wing at or near the mid-point fore and aft between your footstraps. However you achieve this, be it a-b-c, or power plate, or movable footraps, it is very important. Get this balanced. If it is out of balance, you will struggle. When balanced, you can let the front wing do all the lifting work.

See this:


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