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Anyone need a ride to Sandy Point for the SHQ Cup?

Created by Cambodge > 9 months ago, 27 Oct 2008
VIC, 823 posts
27 Oct 2008 7:46PM
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I'll be heading down from Melbourne Eastern suburbs to Sandy Point on Saturday morning for the 4-dayer SHQ Cup long weekend (returning Tuesday).

Anyone need a ride down (and back)? I've got space in the van for one passenger plus gear (max 2 boards / 3 sails I reckon). You'll have to sort out your own accommodation. I'm hoping to find a floor to crash on or failing that I'll sleep in the van.

As a contribution to fuel cost some beer will be considered legal tender.

Anyone need a ride let me know by posting a reply.

Let's hope Huey delivers the goods.

VIC, 574 posts
27 Oct 2008 9:18PM
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Nice of you to offer mate!!!!

But thanks anyway!

Prob see ya down at the beach! looking forward to meetin everyone!

Old Salty
VIC, 1264 posts
27 Oct 2008 10:17PM
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4 days on the water - at the PIT - yahoooooo

Wet Willy
TAS, 2237 posts
28 Oct 2008 12:54AM
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Now THAT'S the spirit, Cambodge!

THAT'S what we like to see!!

It's guys like you who help me maintain my faith in the human spirit!

I remember once seeing a dude with a huge empty vehicle, just 1 or 2 boards and sails chucked in the back and lots of empty space...

...he knew I was desperate to sail and had no transport, but the idea of offering another sailor a ride was absolutely inconceivable, even with cash money dollar bills being offered for the petrol...better to let another windsurfer sit at home on a windy day than make a 3-minute detour and pick him up...I won't name, them...



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"Anyone need a ride to Sandy Point for the SHQ Cup?" started by Cambodge